Evony General List

Evony General List

Full Evony General List of all Gold Historic Generals in Evony the Kings Return. Includes details on their region and best role in the game. Follow the general links to see suggested builds and the role links for information on the best generals for those roles.

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Evony General List

Charles the GreatEuropeSub City
King ArthurEuropeRanged PvP
RolandEuropeMounted PvP | Monsters
Constantine the GreatEuropeSub City
Richard the LionheartEuropeDuty
Isabella IEuropeSiege PvP
Gustavus AdolphusEuropeSiege PvP | Ranged PvP
Edward the Black PrinceEuropeRanged PvP
BarbarossaEuropeMounted PvP
Charles MartelEuropeSub City
Flavius AetiusEuropeSub City
Queen BoudicaEuropeDefense
William WallaceEuropeSiege PvP
John I of PortugalEuropeDuty
ArminiusEuropeSub City
Cnut the GreatEuropeSub City
NapoleonEuropeSiege PvP
El CidEuropeGround PvP | Mounted PvP
Alfred the GreatEuropeRanged PvP
Queen VictoriaEuropeGround PvP
Margaret IEuropeSub City
Scipio AfricanusEuropeGround PvP
Robert GuiscardEuropeMounted PvP
NeroEuropeSub City
HaraldEuropeSub City
Matthias IEuropeRanged PvP | Siege PvP
William MarshalEuropeDefense
Robert the BruceEuropeDefense | Ground PvP
Simeon the GreatEuropeRanged PvP
Leo IIIEuropeDefense
Leonids IEuropeDefense
CarusEuropeGround PvP
Baldwin IVEuropeSub City
Maximilan IEuropeMounted PvP | Sub City
Gaius OctaviusEuropeMounted PvP
WashingtonAmericaMounted PvP
LincolnAmericaSub City
Robert LeeAmericaSiege PvP
Nathanael GreeneAmericaMonsters
Andrew JacksonAmericaSub City
ShermanAmericaSiege PvP
James BowieAmericaDefense
Ulysses S GrantAmericaSiege PvP | Mounted PvP
Joseph E JohnstonAmericaDefense
Winfield ScottAmericaRanged PvP
Zachary TaylorAmericaDefense
Oda NobunagaJapanGround PvP
Tokugawa IeyasuJapanSub City
Takeda ShingenJapanGround PvP | Mounted PvP
Minamoto no YoshitsuneJapanRanged PvP
Honda TadakatsuJapanSub City
HimikoJapanSub City | Ranged PvP
Toyotomi HideyoshiJapanDuty
Kusunoki MasashigeJapanDefense
JumongKoreaRanged PvP
King SejongKoreaSub City
Queen JindeokKoreaGathering
Gwanggaeto the GreatKoreaRanged PvP
Gwon RyulKoreaDuty
Yi Sun-sinKoreaDefense
Eulji MundeokKoreaDuty
Emperor Qin ShihuangChinaSiege PvP
Empress WuChinaSub City
Huo QubingChinaMonsters
Li ShiminChinaRanged PvP
Li JingChinaMonsters | Mounted PvP
Ban ChaoChinaDuty
Wei QingChinaSub City | Ranged PvP
Yue FeiChinaGround PvP | Mounted PvP
Zhuge LiangChinaDuty
Peter the GreatRussiaGround PvP
Catherine IIRussiaSub City
Alexander NevskyRussiaSub City | Ground PvP
Oleg of NovgorodRussiaDuty
Vladimir the GreatRussiaRanged PvP
SaladinArabiaRanged PvP
Shajar al-DurrArabiaDuty
KhalidArabiaSiege PvP
Abd al-Rahman IArabiaDuty
Amr ibn al-AsArabiaSub City
PompeyOthersSub City
Genghis KhanOthersMounted PvP
Seleucus IOthersMonsters
Raged KingOthersSiege PvP
JesterOthersSub City
Amir TimurOthersGround PvP
Vlad al IIIOthersMounted PvP
Prince RhaegarOthersMounted PvP
TrajanOthersGround PvP
Empress Dowager CixiOthersSub City
Ly Thuong KietOthersDefense
Tran Hung DaoOthersDefense
Mehmed IIIOthersRanged PvP
Askia Muhammad IOthersDuty
MartinusOthersMounted PvP | Monsters
Mansa MusaOthersSub City
Suleiman the MagnificentOthersSiege PvP
ElektraOthersRanged PvP
HannibalOthersMounted PvP | Monsters
TomyrisOthersRanged PvP
Cyrus the GreatOthersMounted PvP
Ramesses IIOthersSiege PvP
EpaminondasOthersGround PvP
Alexander the GreatOthersGround PvP
Nordic Barbarian KingOthersSub City
Darius IOthersSub City
Thutmose IIIOthersRanged PvP
GnarrOthersRanged PvP
EliseOthersGround PvP

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