Fall Guys Xbox and Switch Release Date at Gamescom 2021?

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Gamescom 2021 is fast approaching. Like last year, this year’s event will be completely virtual and gaming fans can attend totally free. The line-up is looking great so far. Big announcements are expected from Xbox which could possibly confirm a Halo Infinite release date and reveal more information about the hotly anticipated Starfield. Konami is also to make announcements, possibly revealing an eFootball Release Date after recently announcing that eFootball will be F2P. However, of particular interest, here at OCG, is what Fall Guys developers, Mediatonic, will reveal in their slot at Gamescom 2021. Could we see a Fall Guys Xbox and Switch release date confirmed? See below the full story of the troubled Fall Guys release for Xbox and Switch.

Fall Guys Released to PC and PlayStation

Fall Guys Gameplay Photo - Switch and Xbox Release Date
Image: Mediatonic

In August 2020 Fall Guys was released to PC and PlayStation. The rise of the game was extremely quick with many streamers jumping right in and people finding it a great way to keep up with friends whilst being stuck at home during the pandemic. Indeed, it is a great game to play over Zoom as you watch with delight the reactions of friends as they drop off the course.

Fall Guys a Dead Game

After a meteoric rise after its release in 2020, player numbers begin to decline quickly into 2021. Many start to claim that Fall Guys was a meme game and is now dead. However, these claims seem a little early with the team continue to pump out content and with a steady player base maintained.

Fall Guys coming to Xbox and Switch

Fall Guys Action Wallpaper - Xbox and Switch release date
Image: Mediatonic

It feels like a lifetime ago now. However, back in February 2021, Mediatonic did confirm that they would be releasing Fall Guys to Xbox and Switch in Summer 2021. This seemed like the perfect response from Mediatonic to declining player numbers. PlayStation and PC gamers had already had access to Fall Guys since August 2020, so of course Xbox and Switch players were pretty excited about this news.

Fall Guys Nominated for BAFTA Games Award

The good news keeps coming for Fall Guys as it is nominated for an award at the 2021 BAFTA Games. This was great validation for the hugely popular game which only served to drive more excitement for its coming release to Xbox and Switch.

Fall Guys bought by Epic Games

Epic Games Store
Image: Epic Games

After an incredible start to life for Fall Guys, Mediatonic make their biggest announcement yet. Mediatonic and Fall Guys have been bought by Epic Games. This announcement came in March 2021, just 7 months after the game was released! Epic Games clearly saw a lot of potential here and did not waste any time in putting in an offer. With the creativity of the team at Mediatonic, and the huge resources of Epic Games, this looked like a fantastic partnership. There were even rumours that Fall Guys could become F2P as a result.

Fall Guys Xbox and Switch Release Date Delayed

However, the excitement was short lived for Xbox and Switch gamers. Just one month later, in April 2021, Mediatonic confirmed that the Fall Guys Xbox and Switch release date would be delayed. Indeed, even worse, there was no new confirmed date. The team said this delay was due to wanting to make sure that they got cross play right.

Fall Guys Xbox and Switch Release Date at Gamescom?

Gamescom 2021 Schedule - possible Fall Guys Xbox and Switch Release Date coming
Image: Gamescom

Enter Gamescom 2021 at which Mediatonic have been confirmed as amongst the presenters. This would be the perfect platform for them to make a big reveal for the game. Indeed, what better place than here to confirm the Fall Guys Xbox and Switch release date. This would be huge for gamers on these platforms. For now, we can only wait and see. Gamescom will run from 25 August 2021 to 27 August 2021. We’ll make sure to update you as soon as we get the news from Mediatonics slot at the event. A very rough Gamescom 2021 schedule can be seen in the picture.

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