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Genshin Impact Review: A Journey into Teyvat

Genshin Impact is perhaps the biggest gacha game there is. Indeed, it continues to define a genre with its frequent updates, new characters, and absorbing gameplay. In this Genshin Impact Review, we are going to help you decide if this is the game for you. We will look at how […]

LotR Rise to War: Erebor Faction Guide

In Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, choosing a faction appropriate to your playstyle might directly translate to how much of a fight you put up against other players in any given season. In this faction guide, we’ll examine whether you should play the Rise to War Faction Erebor. […]

Support Characters in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has its gameplay centered around exploring the world of Teyvat with a collection of characters. Metagame suggests that a team of 4 should include at least one Main DPS, Two Sub-DPS, and one Support. This guide showcases the various kinds of Support characters and how they are the […]

LotR Rise to War: Lothlorien Faction Guide

The amazing mobile strategy game Lord of the Rings: Rise to War requires a plethora of strategic decisions. One of the first, and most important ones, is choosing the right faction that will suit your playstyle. In this faction guide, we’ll examine whether you should play the Rise to War […]

Marvel Strike Force Apocalypse Saga Event

Scopely has passed along various hints to a new villain entering the Strike Force Universe. With new Saga events launching simultaneously; it’s safe to say we know who is arriving. One of X-Men’s biggest rivals from the comics: Apocalypse! That’s right, Apocalypse is finally coming to Marvel Strike Force! How […]