Vikings War of Clans Review

Vikings War of Clans is developed by the same team behind the massive hit that is Raid Shadow Legends. However, it is vastly different in terms of gameplay. In this Vikings War of Clans Review, we will tell you all you need to know about this game.

Keep reading and we will tell you why we think not only is Vikings War of Clans pay-to-win but also why it is pay-to-play.

Vikings War of Clans Overview

Vikings War of Clans is a 4X City Builder MMO in a similar vein to our favorites in this genre, Evony and State of Survival.

In Vikings War of Clans you become a Viking Jarl and take control of your very own Viking Town. Your objective is to build a powerful town and army to rule your Kingdom and defeat rival Kingdoms with the help of your Clan.

  • Genre: 4X City Builder MMO
  • Cost: Free
  • Device: iOS, Android, and PC
  • Size: 104 MB
  • Developer: Plarium
  • Players: Multiplayer
  • Released: August 2015

Vikings War of Clans Graphics

Vikings War of Clans Map

As you would expect from Plarium, the graphics for Vikings War of Clans are beautiful. The team has clearly gone to a lot of effort to create a world that feels a lot like a real Viking Kingdom.

This ranges from the buildings in the player’s city, the sound effects from battle, and the detail given to all monsters that you can find on the world map.

Vikings War of Clans Controls

Overall, Vikings War of Clans is super easy to navigate. It makes use of touch controls with you simply swiping along the screen and tapping where you want to go.

However, sometimes there are a few too many taps to be done when navigating through the different menu options. This can be a little frustrating when all you want to do is get back to your city but must first navigate 5 different tedious menus.

Also a setback, in terms of controls, is the screen size. It is very much designed for a large screen. This works ok on the PC when you are in fullscreen mode, but if you are on mobile or do not wish to play on full screen then it can make ease of navigation difficult.

Vikings War of Clans Monetization

Like most games employing the free-to-play (F2P) model, there are some pretty heavy monetization methods employed in this game. However, I would argue they go even further than most.

Normally in these city builder games, building upgrade times start off very quick and slowly progress the further you get in the game. Unfortunately, in Vikings War of Clans, upgrade times become very long after just a couple of increases in level.

Vikings War of Clans Research

Indeed, even just building troops in this game is a very lengthy process. You must even go through huge research projects before you can even start building more powerful troops.

This is where monetization comes in. The best way to speed up your builds is by using gold. This can be gained through events, however, the rewards from these are very poor. You must buy gold if you want to get any meaningful amount.

Vikings War of Clans Gold

As such, I would argue that not only is Vikings War of Clans a pay-to-win (P2W) game, but it is also a pay-to-play (P2P) game as a result of this. Therefore, this game will not suit anyone looking for a cheap hobby to pass the time.

There are many Vikings War of Clans Tips for Beginners out there, but even with these, you will have a tough time without spending.

Vikings War of Clans Community

Vikings War of Clans Community

The community in Vikings War of Clans is very much centered around the alliance system of the game called Clans. However, I have sunk a lot of time into this game so far and have to say communication with other players has been poor outside of the top clans.

Of course, this could quickly be remedied by joining one of these top clans. Unfortunately, unless you are spending, it is difficult to get into the top clans. They typically have high entry requirements that are quite unobtainable to new or F2P players.

A further problem with the community is the Common Chat Channel. As you would expect there are many different languages being used, however, there is no translation function. This makes effective communication very difficult.

Vikings War of Clans Events

Vikings War of Clans Events

Another area of disappointment in Vikings War of Clans is the events. Typically these games have a huge number of events to reward players and keep them engaged.

Yet, in Vikings War of Clans this does not appear to be the case. Indeed, there is a real lack of events. The ones that do exist, are particularly uninspiring, have poor rewards, and often require you to be at a high level to really benefit.

This almost feels like a further cynical money grab to get players to spend more money just so they can get a few rewards in the event.

Vikings War of Clans Strategy

Much of the appeal of games in this genre is the depth of the strategy than can be employed. This is often played out with many different troop types and commanders/heroes.

Vikings War of Clans certainly has many different troop types which greatly affects the game meta as you progress. Players will often become specialists of one troop type or adapt their troop formations based on the enemy defenses.

However, many of these troop types are stuck behind some very large upgrade and research projects. As we have already mentioned, speeding these up meaningfully without some heavy spending is difficult. Therefore, you won’t be able to enjoy this aspect of the game until you have played a very long time or spent some serious money.

Another letdown is the Shaman feature. These are characters you can unlock to assist your armies. Different ones can be used or developed to give you buffs in specific areas. These are like the heroes/ champions found in other similar games.

Vikings War of Clans Shamans

Unfortunately, there really aren’t many of them. It almost feels like Plarium hasn’t bothered to flesh out this important aspect more. This feels like a massive oversight to us.

Vikings War of Clans Support

This is one of the few positive points of the game that I have found. The support team is very responsive and happy to get back to you on any questions, no matter how trivial.

Vikings WoC Support

Great technical support for the game is no surprise given the pedigree behind the Plarium team. It was also a pleasant surprise to not encounter any bugs during my time playing Vikings War of Clans.

Vikings War of Clans Review

As you can probably tell by now, we do not like Vikings War of Clans. This is unfortunate as it feels like a real missed opportunity. The Viking universe feels perfect for a game like this and indeed Plarium makes a good start with the graphics.

Unfortunately, they are quickly let down by the overly aggressive monetization of the game. It feels like P2P with progress in the game being very limited without a lot of spending. This could quickly become a money pit.

There are much better options out there for players looking for a game in this genre. In particular, Evony, State of Survival, Rise of Empires, and Rise of Kingdoms are all much better options for players.

In this Vikings War of Clans Review, we give the game a disappointing 1.5/5 Stars.

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