Best Mobile Games Like Hades

Hades is a hugely popular roguelike game that sees players take control of Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he attempts to battle through the Underworld to reach Olympus. However, despite its huge success and being released on PC and Console, it never made it to mobile. Here we take a look at the Best Mobile Games Like Hades so that you can scratch that itch while you’re on the go.

Best Mobile Games Like Hades -

Developed by Habby, is one of the most popular mobile games like Hades. In, you take control of a Survivor in a post-apocalyptic world who must fight hordes of humanoid and animal-like zombie creatures who are hellbent on taking you down. Don’t let the cartoon-style graphics fool you, this game is seriously chaotic and you must use an array of different weapons to stay alive.

The game follows the live service model and as such sees a constant conveyor belt of new content, such as Pets and Seasons, to keep things interesting. There are also daily activities and a huge variety of Weapons and playable Characters to unlock to ensure you always have something to do. Check out our Tips for Beginners to get you started.

Torchlight: Infinite

Best Mobile Games Like Hades - Torchlight: Infinite

This is one of the more polished games on this list of the Best Mobile Games Like Hades. The graphics are truly gorgeous and the game sees you select from a multitude of thoughtfully designed Heros as you fight to survive in complex dungeons. This game is pretty high-powered, so if you fancy an upgrade, we recommend getting one of the Best Mobiles for Gaming to make the most of it.

Battles are fast-paced and take a hack-and-slash approach as players make use of an array of weapons, spells, and skills to take down monsters. During a dungeon run you can collect currency and items which are in turn used to improve your hero with each hero having a unique skill tree. Again, this game has regular new Seasons and Events to keep you engaged.

Pocket Rogues

Best Mobile Games Like Hades - Pocket Rogues

Pocket Rogues is a captivating old-school Action-RPG in the Roguelike genre, making it a fantastic mobile game similar to Hades. Traverse through unique and randomly generated locations, battling hordes of monsters and developing your fortress and heroes. Engage in real-time battles, showcasing your hardcore skills, while uncovering secrets and mastering unusual techniques.

With countless dungeons filled with unique loot and challenging bosses, Pocket Rogues provides an endless adventure. Upgrade your character, explore the world, and never experience a dull moment in this addictive RPG.

Dead Cells

Best Mobile Games Like Hades - Dead Cells

Uncover the secrets of a gloomy island as a failed alchemic in this thrilling roguevania action platformer. Engage in frantic 2D combat against merciless minions and bosses, mastering a wide variety of weapons and skills. Kill, die, learn, and repeat as you navigate the ever-changing castle, fighting your way past its keepers.

Originally a hit on PC and consoles, Dead Cells has now arrived on mobile devices. Embark on a progressive exploration of an interconnected world, combining the replayability of a rogue-lite with the adrenaline-pumping threat of permadeath. Experience the thrill of non-linear progression, unlocking new levels with every death and choosing your path based on your build, playstyle, or mood.

Guidus: Pixel Roguelike RPG

Best Mobile Games Like Hades - Guidus

Embark on a grand adventure in this pixel roguelike game as you strive to reclaim the royal palace. The awakening of abyssal monsters led to the defeat and exile of the twin prince and princess, leaving you as the last warrior in the depths of the dungeon. Join forces with unique heroes like the swordsman, archer, wizard, sylph, and monk, each with their own distinct appearance and playstyle.

Utilize their powerful skills, such as Shockwave, Thunder Hammer, and Nova, to overcome diverse monsters and formidable bosses. Discover hidden treasures, navigate treacherous traps, and experience the thrill of this mobile action roguelike RPG with adorable and sophisticated pixel graphics.

Soul Knight

Best Mobile Games Like Hades - Sould Knight

A captivating shooter game with easy controls and addictive gameplay. Choose from over 20 unique heroes, such as rogues and archers, and utilize 400+ weapons to annihilate monsters in randomly generated dungeons. The game features an auto-aim mechanism for intuitive control and offers a multiplayer mode for online co-op adventures or offline LAN battles.

With its mix of action, survival, and rogue-like elements, this pixel roguelike shoot’em up guarantees a thrilling experience. Prepare for super combos and strategize in tower defense mode. Pick up your gun and embark on an exciting dungeon adventure that will keep you hooked from the very beginning.

Vampire Survivors

Best Mobile Games Like Hades - Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a captivating roguelite time survival RPG with minimalist gameplay. Experience the supernatural indie phenomenon on mobile, where you face hordes of night creatures in a gothic horror setting. Survive until dawn, gathering gold to buy upgrades for the next survivor. Mow down thousands of enemies, make strategic choices, and test your skills against the legions of hell.

Choose from a variety of weapons, upgrade your abilities, and become a powerful warrior. With wave survival mechanics, treasure hunting, and challenging gameplay, this is one of the best horde survival games. Embark on an exciting rogue adventure, explore different stages, and prove yourself as the ultimate survivor. This is easily one of the Best Mobile Games Like Hades.

Rogue Land

Best Mobile Games Like Hades - Rogue Land

Venture into the world of Rogue Land, where an ancient evil unleashes a flood of menacing monsters. Join a group of valiant heroes and harness the elemental forces to vanquish the source of darkness. As a courageous lone hero, you’ll brave treacherous traps, reap incredible rewards, and uncover immense power.

Customize your character’s skills, wield unique weapons and gear, and embark on thrilling adventures across the dynamic world map. Encounter diverse monsters and formidable bosses as you progress. With regular updates, endless rewards, and multiple game modes, including side quests, Rogue Land promises an engaging 3D mobile experience. Embrace your destiny, gather your weapons, and embark on an unforgettable journey in Rogue Land!

Juicy Realm

Best Mobile Games Like Hades - Juicy Realm

Prepare to face an unexpected threat in Juicy Realm, where plants have gained sentience and pose a menace to humanity. Witness the rapid evolution of these once-docile organisms and the challenge they present to humanity’s dominance. As an intrepid explorer in this newfound plant empire, delve deeper into enemy territory, confronting vibrant and peculiar fruits.

Collect gear, weapons, and resources to defend yourself and expand your base camp. Should the overwhelming plant army prove too formidable, join forces with friends to uncover the secrets of this enigmatic world. With roguelike gameplay, random zones, diverse treasures, and monsters, Juicy Realm offers a unique and visually captivating experience. Arm yourself and prepare to conquer this lush and perilous realm.

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