Evony Troop Cost Calculator

Please use this Evony Troop Cost Calculator to work out how many resources you will need to build the number of troops you desire. For more information about the different troop types, check out our Evony Troop Guide and Evony Beginner’s Guide.

This tool is most useful when planning ahead for the Resource Consumption Event. You can combine this event with troop training to spend the required resources to hit the event goals.

The rewards from this event are massive so it is really worth planning for. You will gain a huge amount of speedups and stamina for completing it.

How to use the Troop Cost Calculator

Evony TroopCost Calculator

To use this calculator, simply select the Troop Type and Troop tier that you are building. Then input the number of this tier and type you wish to build.

Once you are happy, click the “Calculate” button and it will tell you how much of each resource will be required. It will also tell you how much power you will gain from training these troops.

Evony Troop Building Tips

  • Assign a duty officer to your troop buildings when you are building many troops.
  • Check out our list of Evony Duty Generals for the best candidates to be assigned to your troop buildings.
  • Do not waste resources on low-level troops. These will quickly become useless. Layers are only useful for the big power player.
  • Focus on troop training speed research in the Academy. This will allow you to pump out troops at a much quicker rate.
  • Use our Evony Total Resource Calculator to ensure you have enough resources saved in your inventory to build your desired troops.

Evony Troop Cost Calculator

Troop Type:

Troop Tier:

Troop Target:

The results will be shown below:






Power Gain:

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  1. This is a useful page for certain, but it seems to bypass the reality of the game that you cannot build higher tier troops until you have upgraded your city to that level, and that can cost you literally HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of each resource to accomplish….
    The game FORCES you to spend real money to reach acceptably high levels of power unfortunately. So yes, play for fun, but do not expect to get to the outrageous power levels of the serious players, unless you are wealthy and can afford to spend thousands on a game!!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I think players need to decide early what their goals are in this game. If you want to be one of the biggest players on your server then you are going to need to spend. However, with smart and patient play it is definitely viable to reach K35 as a free player. K40 is another matter…

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