Mobile Gaming Roundup: 02-08 January 2023

Keep up to date with all the most important stories in Mobile Gaming with our Weekly Mobile Gaming Roundup. As usual, it has been another exciting week in the mobile gaming world and you can check out all the top stories below!

Pokemon Go’s Twinkling Fantasy event will include the debut of Mega Salamence

Mobile Gaming News - Pokemon Go's Twinkling Fantasy event will include the debut of Mega Salamence

Pokemon GO enthusiasts can expect another interesting year thanks to the game’s devs. Numerous activities, including Raids, Spotlight Hours, and two Community Days, will take place in January of 2023.

Dragon and Fairy-type Pokemon are invading Pokemon Go as part of the Twilight Fantasy event. It will be accessible from January 10 to January 16. Themed Pokemon can be encountered in the wild, during raids, and even as rewards for completing particular tasks and objectives.

The introduction of Mega Salamence, however, is the event’s most notable feature. Through Mega Raids, the Mega version of the gen three pseudo-legendary will make its debut in GO. Zekrom will also be accessible during the event, so now is a great opportunity to join a few raids.

In addition, wild encounters and raids will feature Fairy-type Pokemon like Clefairy, Clefable, and Jigglypuff. A Shiny Dedenne might appear for the fortunate trainers as well.

Genshin Impact Version 3.4 launches soon with new Characters

Mobile Gaming News - Genshin Impact Version 3.4 launches soon with new Characters

On January 18, Hoyoverse will release Genshin Impact’s version 3.4, as the leaks had anticipated. This brand-new content update, dubbed The Exquisite Night Chimes, will include the yearly Lantern Rite celebration, contests in Inazuma, new characters, character skins, and an expansion of the Sumeru region.

Teyvat is about to welcome in the new year, and as usual, Liyue celebrates its Lantern Rite ceremony. A theatre performance, a vocalist’s performance, and a folk art display are among this year’s unique acts. There will be other mini-games accessible, and winning them will provide players benefits like four-star characters and new outfits for Lisa.

The majority of leaks indicated a new playable region, which is now confirmed to become reality with the update. The Desert of Hadramaveth, a region to the northwest of Sumeru, will be included in the massive new update.

Face the gigantic tornado at its center and explore the secrets of the scorching desert if you dare. It will be the responsibility of travelers to find the Pairidaeza Orchard, where it is said that King Deshret paused time in order to worship the Goddess of Flowers.

Two new Dendro characters will be introduced in the update. Alhaitham, the eagerly anticipated 5-star sword wielder who originally appeared in Sumeru’s plot. And Yaoyao, a four-star character hailing from the rocky land of Liyue. She uses a polearm as her weapon.

Merge Fantasy Island will collab with Sanrio to add My Melody and Kuromi into the game

Mobile Gaming News - Merge Fantasy Island will collab with Sanrio to add My Melody and Kuromi into the game

In a sweet collaborative event, Netmarble and Sanrio are bringing popular fan favorites to Merge Fantasy Island. From now until February 5th, players may see My Melody and Kuromi in the game, as well as limited-time activities and a new island.

Players may anticipate engaging in cross-over experiences like My Melody’s Macaron Shop and Kuromi’s Canele Shop in the most recent cooperation event for Merge Fantasy Island. Additionally, there will be gorgeous new decorations that gamers can use to decorate the island with pink and purple-themed cosmetics.

Once a player achieves level 12, they can explore My Melody Island, which is a renovated version of Mystery Island. Players may get the collaboration characters, as well as tons of materials and island decorations, by completing daily quests during the crossover. You may also exchange My Melody and Kuromi cards for prizes like Gems.

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