Mobile Gaming Roundup: 21-27 February 2022

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Mobile Gaming Roundup

Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy – New Release

Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy is out on February 24th. Inspired by the manga and anime Edens Zero by Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail), Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy is an action RPG developed by Konami.

The main characters of the manga are, of course, playable (Shiki, Weisz, Homura), and the palette of special moves is a priori quite well stocked. You will also be entitled to some nice cutscenes made with the game engine.

This all seems good, but mistrust reigns, especially since the game is available in free-to-play, which is not always a good sign on mobile. Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy has been available in the App Store (and Play Store) since February 24th.

PayDay: Crime War – it’s coming back!

Announced in 2015, then launched in closed beta in 2018, the Payday: Crime War mobile version was finally canceled in 2019 at the soft-launch stage (launch in a small number of countries to test the servers).

Surprise! Starbreeze has just confirmed that it has reached an agreement with the PopReach studio to fully finalize the game and even plans a release of the title in 2022!

Let’s hope that these successive changes of studios will not lead to a bug-ridden title. Remember that the PayDay license has organized gang robbery as its theme and draws its inspiration from thug films. 

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees – Released

Preview for Gibbon Beyond the Trees, which launched on February 25th in Apple Arcade a few days before landing on Nintendo Switch and PC. Developed by the creators of a sad Old Man’s Journey, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is an animal runner which places the player at the controls of a Gibbon (a monkey with long arms).

The great ape will have to make his way from branch to branch and, on the way, cross more and more challenging levels (like a jungle on fire).

Besides its absolutely gorgeous art direction, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a gameplay gem, one that gives an intense sense of satisfaction when you manage to pick up the pace as you reach the treetops. 

Genshin Impact: Divine Creation – New Event Landing

Divine Creation has come to Genshin Impact in the form of a new event. In it, you can create your own domains or overcome those made by other players to get a good amount of rewards.

Genshin Impact will soon enter the second phase of its update 2.5 to offer you new events during the month of March. However, before the transition, you can already enjoy a new game mode.

It’s about Divine Creation, a very interesting mode that will start by helping the Adventurers Guild to overcome a dungeon near Liyue and will allow you to carry out your own challenges to test other travelers in the community.

Pokemon Day 2022

In 2021, The Pokémon Company celebrated the 25th anniversary of Pokémon in style. It even had the participation of singers like Post Malone, Katy Perry, and J Balvin.

Pokémon Day is coming up again, and you’ll be celebrating it on Sunday, February 27th, 2022, but you’ll be hearing from the franchise every day until then. This is very exciting for the weekly mobile gaming roundup.

Through its official Twitter account, The Pokémon Company Japan revealed an announcement schedule. Here is what you will discover each day between February 21 and 27, 2022:

  • Monday, February 21th: Pokémon Masters EX mobile game news
  • Tuesday, February 22th: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield news.
  • Wednesday, February 23rd – Pokémon Cafe Mix mobile and Switch game news.
  • Thursday, February 24th – Pokémon Unite Switch and mobile game news.
  • Friday, February 25th: P25 Music album news
  • Saturday, February 26th: Pokémon GO mobile game news.
  • Sunday, February 27th: Great Pokémon Day celebration.

To get your Pokémon nostalgia flowing, check out our deep dive into the Surprising History of Pokémon.

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