Rise of Empires Tips and Tricks

Rise of Empires Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Rise of Empires can be overwhelming for new players to the game. Like many other grand strategy games, there is so much do absorb and do. Follow these Rise of Empires Tips and Tricks for Beginners to give yourself a head start on your opponents.

Rise of Empires Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Your Rise of Empires Build Order

Follow the default build order from the tasks you are assigned if you are brand new to the game. This will help you familiarise yourself with all the building features and also gain you rewards for completing the tasks.

Choosing the Best Rise of Empires Faction

There are 3 factions to choose from in Rise of Empires. Each has its own benefits. However, early on it is wise to choose the Farmer faction to amplify your resource production in the early game. This will see progress quicker. Below is a summary of the factions.

  • Farmer – Harvest Speed +50%, increased resource protection from enemy and troop load +100%
  • Raider – Wounded Rate +40%, troop load +150% when attacking and +100% healing speed
  • Trader – Food consumption -30%, trade sale prices +50% and gold production +50%
  • Craftsman – Unlocked after the first throne war

Level your Castle

Focus on levelling up your castle once you are familiar with the game. The max level of all other buildings will depend on your castle level. Therefore, if you want to build high level troops you must first get your castle level up.

Join an Active and Big Alliance

Join the biggest active alliance you can and move to the alliance territory. This has many benefits which include buffs and great rewards from taking part in events. They can also offer protection from other players trying to attack you.

Don’t Waste Resources

Ealy on it can be tempting to build a lot of troops. Don’t do this, they are very weak and quickly become useless. Instead focus on getting your buildings to a higher level so you can build better troops that are more worthwhile building in volume.

Get a Portable Charger

Rise of Empires is a great game but will use a lot of your Mobile Phone’s battery. Getting a portable charger will ensure this is no longer a problem. Check out our list of the Best Mobile Phone Power Banks for Gaming.

Use Rise of Empires Codes

The developers are always releasing gift codes for free items. Make sure you redeem these whenever you find them. You can redeem codes by clicking on the Menu button and then the Activation Codes option.

Don’t Hoard

Don’t hoard your resource boxes and speedups. Use them to upgrade your buildings as fast as you can. This will give you an edge on your opponents early on.

Rise of Empires Province Quests

Once your Castle reaches level 6, you have built the Class Hall and your State has had its first Emperor; you may take part in the Province Quests. These are daily quests in which you can compete for great rewards. During these quests, you can use Province Cards that you have collected to boost your performance.

Research, Research, Research

Research is very important to improving your account in almost every aspect of the game. As you progress, improvements will begin to take huge amounts of time. Always have something running. Early game it is a good idea to focus on development research to help you build up quicker.

Gather while you Sleep

Like other MMO strategy games, Rise of Empires is always running. Therefore, it is a good idea to always set your troops off to gather before logging off for the night. This is also a good time to start off big building projects.

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