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Got a great idea for a Cell Phone Gaming related article that you think would work great on One Chilled Gamer? Then keep reading below for all the details on how to write for us.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for anyone who has a real passion for Cell Phone Gaming and a flair for writing engaging content.

What content we are looking for

Anything that is related to Cell Phone Gaming. However, in particular we are looking for:

  • Gaming Guides for popular cell phone games
  • Cell phone gaming news
  • Game reviews for popular cell phone games
  • Cell phone gaming industry analysis
  • Write ups on cell phone gaming e-sport events


Please ensure all submissions meet the following criteria:

  • All content should be original and posted nowhere else
  • All content should be family friendly i.e. no explicit content
  • No outbound links (however, will include link to your own website and an author bio where appropriate)
  • Try to inlcude internal links


All submissions may undergo some editing when posted. This includes for the purposes of SEO optimisation and correcting grammatical errors.

Getting paid

All accepted submissions will receive 100% of ad revenue generated by the post for the first month that it is live on the website. One Chilled Gamer uses Google AdSense on all its posts. Revenue will be tracked and paid out using PayPal. Please check you have a working PayPal account to ensure you get paid after one month. No further payments will be made after the first month.

Submit your Content

Still think you have an idea that would work great on One Chilled Gamer? Then please get in touch via our Contact Us page with all the details, or with any questions, and we will get back to you. Alternatively, you can conatct us directly at the following email: contact [at] onechilledgamer.com