Crusader Kings II – How to get free DLC expansions

Crusader Kings 2 Free DLC

Although the incredibly popular Crusader Kings III was released back in December 2019, what a lot of people have forgotten is that they made Crusader Kings II available for free on Steam at about the same time. This is incredibly easy to get a hold of, just log into your Steam account, navigate to the Crusader Kings II store page and hit install. It could not be easier. Although very enjoyable as a standalone game, it is the high quality DLC expansions released by Paradox Interactive that really set their games apart from the rest. Unfortunately, this is where things start to get a little more expensive… Luckily though, one of their highest rated expansions for Crusader Kings 2 has also been made available for free – Crusader Kings II The Old Gods. Just follow the easy steps below and get it added to your free version of Crusader Kings II.

Navigate to the Paradox Interactive homepage

Simply follow the link above to take you to the homepage of Paradox Interactive.

Register and Subscribe

Now that you are on the Paradox website, you will need to select the option that allows you to subscribe to the website. Also, as part of this, ensure that you select the option to subscribe to their newsletter. Subscribing to the newsletter is the key step here, as this is the requirement to get Crusader Kings II The Old Gods for free.

Navigate to your account

Now that you have registered and subscribed to the newsletter, you need to navigate to your account page. Once there, select “Games” and then manage on Crusader Kings II The Old Gods. This will allow you to copy the game code required to add it to your steam account.

Add to steam

Now you have copied the game code to your clipboard, head over to steam. Once on steam, click add game and paste in this code. The install is very quick and you may need to restart the application for it to take effect. Next time you launch Crusader Kings II, it will show the DLC as automatically added.

What is Crusader Kings II The Old Gods

This is one of the many DLCs that Paradox have released for Crusader Kings II and is often rated as one of the best DLC expansions available for the game. It allows a new start date of 867 AD, unlocks a new revolt system and makes non-nomadic pagans playable whilst also adding numerous more mechanics for them.

Should you buy Crusader Kings 3

Although Crusader Kings II remains a quality game, the Crusader Kings III release really brought the game to another level. If your computer has the power and you don’t mind spending a little money, you should pick it up. It adds many more interesting scenarios, further character customizations and higher quality graphics.