Best Among Us YouTube Channels

Best Among Us YouTube Channels

Among Us has taken the world by storm since we all became restricted to our homes in early 2020. Along with Fall Guys, it was one of the biggest “meme games” of the year.

You might not have heard of the game before this (despite it being launched in 2018), but now you’d likely struggle to get by a day without seeing some reference to Among Us online. If you haven’t yet checked out Among Us, then make sure you do.

For those who want to see what it’s all about, or just want to see some awesome Among Us games, check out some of the best Among Us YouTube channels below. Among Us also features in our list of the Best Cell Phone Co-Op Games for Android and iOS.

It’s the perfect game for these long nights when there is nothing else to do. Get a group of friends together on zoom, add a few snacks and then spend a few hours running around talking nonsense whilst trying to escape the imposter! You can even play Among Us on mobile with a controller now.

Fans of the game have even started to make some awesome mods for the game to make the fun even more chaotic.

Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast is a pretty big deal on the Among Us scene and in this video, he does not disappoint, with a compilation of some of his most impressive plays as the imposter. Check out his channel for even greater Among Us action.


Corpse is perhaps one of the most recognized voices when it comes to Among Us YouTube channels. He is often posting collaborations with other famous Among Us YouTubers. The videos are high quality and his deep vocals really add something to the Among Us creepiness!!

Mr Beast

Mr Beast is another streamer with a very big Among Us following but he also does videos on many other games such as Minecraft. His best videos are Among Us collaborations with other YouTube Personalities. One of his most popular Among Us videos is the one he did below with PewDiePie.


Pumba is one of the most prolific Among Us YouTube streamers with a new video uploaded almost every day. He does a lot of very funny compilation videos of all the Among Us games he has played and uploads plenty of other videos on additional games that he plays such as Brawl Stars and Fall Guys.

How can you play

Among Us was originally just released on mobile, but after its incredible rise in popularity, you can now get it on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. If you are playing Among Us on the mobile phone version, then check out our list of essential mobile phone gaming accessories to take your gaming sessions to the next level.

Let us know how you play Among Us and who your favorite Among Us YouTube streamers are. Would you add any others to this list?