eFootball 2022 Release Date Confirmed

eFootball 2022 Release Date Confirmed
Image: Konami

Konami have finally confirmed the release date of their new F2P football game, eFootball. There has been a steady stream of news coming from Konami on their new game. Most recently they announced they had secured the MLS player rights and also released a new eFootball Gameplay Trailer. Keep reading for all the essential information from the eFootball 2022 Release Date announcement and when we can expect to play the game.

eFootball 2022 Release Date

On the official eFootball 2022 Twitter channel it was confirmed that eFootball will be coming to console and PC on 30 September 2021. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for confirmation on the mobile release date. Though we do know it will be released as an update to the current eFootball PES 2021 application that players have installed on their Cell Phones. The current eFootball Roadmap has the cell phone release scheduled for Winter. Thankfully, Cell Phone players will be awarded with a special veteran’s bonus for their patience.

eFootball 2022 – The First Season

eFootball Gameplay Tunnel
Image: Konami

In addition to confirming the release date, Konami also announced that the game’s first season will be known as eFootball 2022. With the game going F2P and following a season model, we can expect this to update each year. Each free season update will include new players, transfers and challenges for players to complete.

eFootball 2022 – Confirmed Features

The eFootball 2022 release date announcement also coincided with an updated official website. This updated website contained a trove of information on what we can expect from the game. The highlights are below:

  • Creative Team: Sign players and managers to build your dream team and challenge players from around the world.
  • Match Passes: Regular objectives which allow you to unlock rare items to assist your team. This will include a Free Match Pass and an Advantage Match Pass which can be purchased with eFootball Coins.
  • Player Types: Standard, Trending, Featured and Legendary. All these players will be able to be developed with the exception of Trending players.
  • Match Types: Tour Event, Challenge Event, Online Quick Match, Online Match Lobby and eFootball Creative League.

eFootball 2022 Gameplay Trailer

The new eFootball 2022 Gameplay Trailer below is definitely worth checking out. It includes interesting details on how football greats, such as Iniesta and Messi, helped shape the new game. The eFootball 2022 Gameplay trailer also included lots of information on even more features we can expect once eFootball 2022 is released.

Get Ready for eFootball 2022 Cell Phone Release

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