WWE SuperCard War Games Guide

WWE SuperCard War Games Guide
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War Games is one of the more confusing regular events introduced by WWE SuperCard. However, as usual, it creates another great opportunity for players to unlock some great Wrestlers for their deck. Keep reading this WWE SuperCard War Games Guide for everything you need to know about the event.

WWE SuperCard War Games Guide

The Event

In the WWE SuperCard War Games Event, players must try to take control of 3 different Wrestling Rings. The more successful they are at this, the more points they earn. Earned points are then used to unlock progressively better Wrestlers for your deck. The event should occur almost every month and once started will last for 4 days. You start off with being able to take part in 5 bouts with this refreshing by 1 every 15 minutes after you have dropped below a full 5 bouts available.

War Games Bouts

Bout Mechanics

WWE SuperCard War Games Rings

Each bout you enter consists of 3 different rounds. In each round you must try to control all 3 Wrestling Rings that appear in the same bout. This is done by placing your Wrestlers in the different Rings. If your Wrestlers are able to defeat the Wrestlers the opponent puts in the same Ring then you take control of the Ring. Points are awarded if you are successful in this, whilst your opponent is awarded points if they are successful.

You enter the bout with 4 random Wrestlers and 2 Support Cards from your War Games deck. A Wrestler can be placed on any of the free slots in any of 3 Rings. To switch between Rings, you need to swipe left or right with your finger. Once the timer has ran out, your Wrestlers in each of the Rings will take part in a match against the Wrestlers your opponent placed in the same Ring. If a Wrestlers alignment icon matches the Rings, then they are awarded a 5% stat boost.

Using Wrestlers Guide

WWE SuperCard War Games Match

Once a round has completed, any defeated Wrestlers will remain in the Ring, unable to be moved unless you use a Tag-Outs item. Their slot in the Ring is therefore blocked. Winning Wrestlers will also remain in the Ring but can be moved to a different Ring if desired. To remove them you must also use the Tag-Outs item. At the start of each new round, your hand will be replenished back up to 4 Wrestlers. Revives items can also be used to bring back defeated Wrestlers in the Ring with full stats.

After each round has been completed, points are awarded to each player. These points are added to their running total across the 3 rounds. The player with the most points at the end of the 3 rounds is declared the winner. The points also go towards your total points for the whole event. These are used to unlock the event Wrestlers.

Earning War Games Points

Points are awarded at the end of each round. They are awarded for: defeating a Wrestler, holding a Ring and Taking a Ring. The exact points for each can be seen below.

1Ring Taken3
2Knockout 1
2Ring Held2
2Ring Taken3
3Knockout 1
3Ring Held5
3Ring Taken5
Event EndWin20

War Games Rewards

For winning a bout of WWE SuperCard War Games you earn 8 draft picks. If you lose, you gain 3 draft picks. In addition to this, achieving a total number of points during the event will unlock Wrestlers for your deck. These get increasingly harder to unlock as you progress. The Wrestlers available for you to unlock will depend on your Top 8 Deck Tier. In total there will be 5 Wrestlers available to unlock. Once you have unlocked one, you move on to the next. The points required for each Wrestler can be seen in the table below.

WrestlerRequired Points
Wrestler 1420
Wrestler 2900
Wrestler 31,800
Wrestler 43,600
Wrestler 57,200

War Games Items Guide

In WWE SuperCard War Games, there are 3 different items that can be used to assist you. These can be purchased, found on the draft board and obtained in packs. The table below has the full details. All unused items expire at the end of the event.

RevivesBrings back a defeated Wrestler with full healthDraft Board & Packs
Tag-OutsSwap a Wrestler out of the RingDraft Board & Packs
Point DoublerDouble the points you earn in a boutDraft Board & Event Shop

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