Fall Guys bought by Fortnite creator Epic Games

Fall Guys bought by Epic Games
Image: Devolver Digital

Epic Games have just announced that they are buying the developers of Fall Guys, Mediatonic. Fall Guys is the hugely popular competitive obstacle course game, with players competing against 60 others to be first to finish. We recently featured the game in our post on the Best Games to Play on Zoom in 2021 and it also just received four nominations at the Bafta Games Awards. The game is available on PC and PS4. Unfortunately, the Switch and Xbox Fall Guys release has been delayed. However, it is hoped the new Fall Guys Xbox and Switch release date will be confirmed at Gamescom. This acquisition follows an emerging strategy of Epic Games to add the most exciting developers to their portfolio. They last bought Rocket League developers, Psyonix, in May 2019.

What does this mean for Fall Guys?

Epic Games have confirmed that the acquisition of Fall Guys will not mean any immediate changes. Therefore, do not expect any Fall Guys Battle Royales quite yet! Though, the team at Mediatonic did confirm what they expect to be doing to the game in the near future:

we’ll continue to expand the game with new content, features, rounds, and costumes.


Therefore, you should expect further customization for your acrobatic blobs along with some great new courses. They also confirmed that there are several features on Fortnite that they’d like to see in fall guys such as account systems, cross-play and squad vs. squad modes. There are some concerns that Fall Guys is dead, but with Epic Games on board, it seems there are exciting times ahead.

Will the game become free to play?

Providing free games to gamers is a big part of the Epic Games model. Fortnite is the biggest example of this, along with another of their headliners, Rocket League. However, Mediatonic have stated that there are currently no plans for this strategy to be implemented with Fall Guys. Though, it is worth mentioning, that prior to Epic Games, Rocket League was not free. It took Epic Games just over a year, post-acquisition, to add it to its portfolio of free to play games.