Best Games to Play Over Zoom in 2021

Best Games to Play Over Zoom in 2021
Image: Afif Kusuma

2020 and Coronavirus brought a whole new cohort of people to Zoom. Now, it’s not just for work, but also for people keeping in touch with friends. To keep the social Zoom calls interesting, a lot of people turned to hosting their own quizzes over the platform, joining tasting sessions and playing games. When it comes to gaming, there’s an enormous selection that can be played over Zoom with your friends. Here at One Chilled Gamer, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best games to play over Zoom in 2021.

Among Us

Among Us is a great game that has huge replayability. For between 4 and 10 players, you work with your team mates on a spaceship to complete several tasks before the Imposter can kill everyone. Unfortunately, you have no idea who the imposter is. It’s the Imposter’s job run around trying to kill everyone without being seen. Players can call emergency meetings either by pressing a button on the map or by reporting a dead body. At this point, everyone must get their best poker face on, and try to convince their friends that they are not the imposter. If the majority vote for the same person, then that player is ejected from the spaceship. If ejected you and spend the rest of the game floating around as a ghost.

This game has gotten so popular, that there are now even some player made mods. These mods introduce lots of crazy new roles for you to try out. If you want to check out what this game is all about before downloading, then take a look at our roundup of The Best Among Us YouTube Channels. Among Us also features in our list of the Best Cell Phone Co-Op Games for Android and iOS.

Brawl Stars

This game is heaps of fun and perfect if you can get 6 friends together for intense 3v3 battle royales. There are plenty of game modes to keep things interesting, from Heist, where you need to try and break the other teams safe, to Brawl Ball, which is a hilariously aggressive version of football. Also, the Brawl Stars community is really strong, with many websites to give you all the information you need. One of the best is BrawlStarsUp which has a huge array of quality in depth guides. Brawl Stars easily gets into OneChilledGamers list of best games to play over Zoom in 2021. Check out our list of essential mobile phone gaming accessories to take your Brawl Stars gaming sessions to the next level. Brawl Stars also features in our list of the Best Cell Phone Co-Op Games for Android and iOS.


Based on the truly excellent boardgame, this mobile version makes it easy for you to take the fun to Zoom. Codenames is a competitive word game with players split into two teams. The aim is to identify all your “agents” before the other team can identify theirs. You must also avoid identifying the assassin or you will lose the game. If mobile is not for you, then you can pick up a hard copy here or even play on the free browser version of the game. Check out the video below which gives a quick guide on how to play.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys is currently available on PC and PS4. Unfortunately, the Switch and Xbox Fall Guys release has been delayed. However, it is hoped the new Fall Guys Xbox and Switch release date will be confirmed at Gamescom. In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, you compete with up to 60 other players to be the first to finish an insane obstacle course. There are concerns that Fall Guys is a dead game, but it was recently bought by the developers of Fortnite, which will no doubt revitalise the player base. Even more exciting, the game was nominated in four categories, at this year’s Bafta Games Awards. Check out some great gameplay footage below.

Drive Buy

Drive Buy is the latest game from the UK based indie games developer, Glitchers. In this game players take the role of a wild delivery driver across several different game modes and with up to 4 players. The aim is to be the driver with the most money at the end of the game. It’s a fun and chaotic mix of Amazon Delivery Driver, Crazy Taxi and Mario Kart. There are a huge array of unlockable customisation options and well balanced weapons to do battle with. The game also makes it easy to link up with friends, just send them your lobby code and they can join you right away. The game is also cross play over the Switch and PC via Steam. Check out our Drive Buy review.

Let us know if you have played any of these games over Zoom and what you made of them. Would you add any more games to our list of the best games to play over Zoom in 2021?