How to Play Quidditch in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a card collection and role-playing game with many elements from the magical world of Harry Potter. Indeed, with the arrival of the Beaters, Bludgers & Broomsticks Update, players were finally able to play Quidditch as well. Here we take a look at this game mode in more detail and show you some tips on How to Play Quidditch in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

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How to Unlock Quidditch in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Quidditch Class Schedule in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Quidditch in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened counts as a class in the Hogwarts student schedule. However, unlike other classes, such as History of Magic or Divination, Quidditch must first be unlocked. 

As well as being lots of fun, it is also therefore super important to unlock so you can start completing specific class quests and tasks. Thankfully, it is super easy to unlock with you just needing to complete the Story Task Bewitching Broomsticks which appears toa ll players.

Just follow the instructions and dialogue of the quest. You will have a Quidditch class in-game and this will be your first tutorial. You will also learn about the history and rules of Quidditch Once you finish the quest, you will have full access to the Quidditch class. A new broomstick menu will also be available, where you can upgrade and customize your broomstick.

Quidditch Gameplay in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Quidditch in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a fast-paced mini-game that requires quick reflexes. It sees you taking part in Quidditch matches with your own broomstick for great rewards. Here are the main aspects of the gameplay that you need to know:

  • You control your broomstick by tapping left or right on the screen. However, your broomstick will automatically fly between three lanes, so you don’t need to worry about the speed or altitude. Your goal is to avoid the other players and maintain your endurance, which is marked by a green bar on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • You will encounter some colored lines during the flight, and you should always try to glide across them. Yellow lines will grant you some extra speed, which will help you score more points. Green lines will recover your endurance. Red lines will slow you down, so you should avoid them in most situations.
  • To score points you need to throw or kick the quaffle through one of the opponent’s hoops. You can do this by tapping on the rings that appear in your view. 
  • Each match has a three-minute timer associated with it. The team with the most points at the end of the clock wins the match. However, each player also scores their own performance points.
  • The factors that will make you score more points are scoring goals, traveling more distance, successfully executing dodges, and triggering Team Dashes.

How to Improve Your Quidditch Broomstick in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

How to Improve Your Quidditch Broomstick in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

One of the most important aspects of playing Quidditch in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is choosing and customizing your broomstick. Your broomstick is not only your means of transportation but also your main way to score points.

A good broomstick can make the difference between winning and losing a match, so you should pay attention to its attributes and appearance. Each broomstick has certain buffs as well as the following 4 attributes:

  • Acceleration – indicates how fast the broomstick can reach its maximum speed.
  • Speed – indicates the maximum speed reachable by the broom.
  • Dash refill – indicates the speed at which the broomstick fills your team’s Team Dash bar.
  • Endurance – indicates how many times you can be hit by opponents before losing control of your broom.

Although a broomstick’s ability buffs cannot be improved, their attributes can. To do this you must use a currency called Flight Points. Furthermore, you can customize the appearance of your broomstick by changing its Handle, Bristles, and Footrest. Although not improving the performance of your broomstick it does make you stand out from the crowd like the next Viktor Krum!

How to get Flight Points in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

You can improve the attributes of your broomstick by using Flight Points. Flight Points are a currency that you can earn by playing Quidditch and by completing Season Tasks. It costs the following number Flight Points to improve each attribute one time:

  • Acceleration (ACC) – 15 Flight Points
  • Speed (SPD) – 10 Flight Points
  • Dash Refill (DASH) – 20 Flight Points
  • Endurance (END) – 40 Flight Points

Best Broomsticks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

In the below table, you can find all the Broomsticks currently available to be used for Quidditch in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. Of course, not all these Broomsticks are made equal and we have therefore included details on their maximum attributes and ability buffs to help you decide the one you want to unlock.

Shooting Star10300106PvE Movement Cards +5N/A
Cleansweep II30350106DMG Mitigation -8%N/A
Nimbus 200050410104Movement SPD +10%N/A
Pired80470108PvE Movement Cards +15N/A
Beater804501012DMG Mitigation -12%N/A
Starsweeper XXI80570106PvE Movement Cards +15N/A
Golden Snitch180680308PvE Movement Cards +15Movement SPD +20%
Firebolt Supreme200750303PvE Movement Cards +15DMG Mitigation -12%

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Quidditch Tips

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Quidditch Tips

Quidditch is a fun and challenging game that requires practice and teamwork. Here are some tips to help you improve your Quidditch skills and win more games:

  • Improve your Broomstick: Your Broomstick’s attributes allow you to score more points during Quidditch matches. When choosing where to spend your Flight Points, try to prioritize the Speed attribute, followed by Dash Refill and Acceleration. Speed will help you to travel farther distances, Dash Refill will help you fill your Team Dash bar faster, and Acceleration will help you reach your maximum speed quicker.
  • Play Story Tasks: These are season-exclusive missions that will grant you various rewards, including Flight Points and even exclusive Broomsticks. With these items, it will be easier to score more points during matches. 
  • Practice your dodges: When executing a dodge at the last moment, the player receives a Perfect Dodge, which is the biggest possible bonus for your Team Dash bar. Getting this bonus consistently will make your entire team score more points. To perform a Perfect Dodge, you need to swipe left or right on the screen just before an opponent hits you.

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