Mobile Gaming Roundup: 17-23 October 2022

Keep up to date with all the most important stories in Mobile Gaming with our Weekly Mobile Gaming Roundup. As usual, it has been another exciting week in the mobile gaming world and you can check out all the top stories below!

PUBG New State Crossover With Dead By Daylight Just Dropped As Part Of Its Halloween Update

PUBG Crossover with Dead by Daylight

Recently, a cinematic featuring the Dead by Daylight crossover was uploaded to the PUBG New State YouTube page. Fright for Survival will be the theme for Halloween in 2022. The video blends PUBG’s primary concept of surviving in order to win a chicken supper with the Halloween atmosphere. It also hints at some kind of hide-n-seek mode on a fresh new map.

Players may get Dead by Daylight-themed cosmetics for the whole month, including helmets, backpacks, frying pans, parachutes, and outfits based on DBD Killers. These products will be accessible both by completing tasks and through the store. A unique Dead by Daylight profile effect will also be made available once everything is finalized.

Oldschool RuneScape Will Level The Playing Field With Fresh Start Worlds Campaign

Runescape Fresh Start Worlds

The debut of Jagex’s new Fresh Star Worlds initiative on both RuneScape Mobile and Old School RuneScape was announced back in August. Players of Old School RuneScape may now make use of the functionality, which debuted on RuneScape Mobile a few weeks ago.

Leveling the playing field was the whole point of Fresh Start Worlds. Naturally, a game that has been operating for more than 20 years would have a large player base of experts who are familiar with every aspect of RuneScape. However, the popularity of mobile gaming has encouraged many gamers to return to the venerable MMORPG.

Everyone now can start over on the new servers, whether they are seasoned competitors chasing Fresh Start Worlds first records or brand-new players to RuneScape. Fresh Start Worlds makes sure that everyone in this enormous group of like-minded people is on the same page and that they all advance together.

Genshin Impact Version 3.1 Is Nearing Its End, And 3.2 Should Launch Soon!

Mobile Gaming News - Gneshin Impact Update Coming Soon

As the Star Seeker’s Sojourn debuts today, we appear to be reaching the conclusion of Genshin Impact’s version 3.1 – King Deshret and the Three Magi update. As we’ve pretty much run out of events. The good news is that this implies that there will soon be another update. Version 3.2, according to leaks, is scheduled to debut on November 2nd, and further details ought to surface shortly.

In the meantime, you can enjoy Star Seeker’s Sojourn, the most recent event hosted by Genshin Impact. During it, participants must assist in achieving the goals of the commission-giver Banu. She is on the lookout for Future Stars, which are hidden in various locations, and is prepared to offer a tool and a variety of incentives for discovering them.

Be sure to check out our detailed Genshin Impact Guides to get ahead of your opposition.

Brawlhalla Crossover With The Classic Series Castlevania Just Went Live!

Mobile Gaming News - Brawlhalla Crossover With The Classic Series Castlevania Just Went Live!

Popular platform fighter Brawlhalla, which resembles Smash Bros, has revealed their latest partnership, and it’s a biggie. Alucard and Simon Belmont, two brand-new characters from the Castlevania series, will be included in this crossover episode of the well-known combat game. Each of these well-known characters has its own distinctive move set, with each one being inspired by an action they took in their respective video games.

Simon Belmont is armed with a Battle Ax and a Morning Star Sword, each of which has its own unique set of Signature Abilities. He plans to get up in the opponent’s face and strike them hard because he is a close-range fighter. Alucard is a skilled swordsman who uses black magic to fight at a medium range while using his Ghost Familiar Orb and his Sword, all of which have their own Signature Abilities.

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