Dislyte Esper Fighter Tier List

In Dislyte, the Fighter of your team will be the Esper you rely on most for dealing huge damage. There are a large number of these to choose from in Dislyte, though, of course, they are not all equal. In this Dislyte Esper Fighter Tier List, we rank all the Fighter Espers in the game to help you choose some of the best ones to work on for your teams.

To help you in choosing the Best Dislyte Fighter Esper for your team, we will first cover the basics of Fighters – what makes a good Fighter and some typical ways to build them. After this, we will get to the most important part, the Dislyte Esper Fighter Tier List!

What is a Fighter Esper in Dislyte

In Dislyte, there are 4 different roles that an Esper can be tagged with: Fighter, Defender, Controller, or Support. Each of these roles plays a different part in your team. The Fighter is your main DPS and will be relied upon to hit the enemy with large amounts of damage. For Dislyte Beginners, you should unlock Li Ling early on and he will be your go-to Fighter until you start unlocking more.

What Makes a Good Fighter Esper in Dislyte

Tier List of Best Fighter Espers in Dislyte - Tang Xuan

In Dislyte, a strong fighter will have a high ATK stat, good SPD, and a build that looks to increase their Critical Hits. This all see sees the Fighter deal maximum damage and enables them to get in fast with their big hits before an enemy Esper can take them out.

It is also useful to see the Esper dealing out some buffs to your team and debuffs to the enemy team. Read our Esper Guide for more details on the components that make up an Esper and what game modes they may be suited to.

How to Build a Fighter Esper in Dislyte

As mentioned above, the Best Fighter Espers will have high ATK, SPD, and Crits. Depending on the Fighter Esper, it can also be useful to increase DEF to reduce their squishiness and allow them to stay in the fight longer. Therefore, builds that maximize these stats should be focused on when building a Fighter Esper.

As such, a good place to start is focusing on Equipment that increases ATK, SPD, and Crit Rate. Of course, this can vary from Esper to Esper depending on their specific stats and abilities. Reading our Esper Guide and Equipment Guide will help you pick builds for your Espers and you can also follow the links in the Dislyte Esper Fighter Tier List below for specific Esper builds that we recommend.

Dislyte Esper Fighter Tier List

Tier List of the Best Fighter Espers in Dislyte

Below you can find our full Dislyte Esper Fighter Tier List. There are 5 Ranks in this Tier list – S, A, B, C, and F. Rank S shows the Best Dislyte Fighter Espers and Rank F shows the worst.

As is natural, you may not agree with all the rankings and it is important to play with those Fighter Espers that you personally like best! Indeed, this list is based on performance across all game modes and there are certain Espers who are specialists in a certain game mode and therefore may still rank quite low here.

For example, we consider Drew one of the best for the Apep Ritual Miracle but he is ranked low in this overall list due to his weakness in other game modes. Check out our other Dislyte Guides for information on the Best Espers for different game modes.

Dislyte Fighter Tier List – Rank S

Dislyte Fighter Tier List – Rank A

Dislyte Fighter Tier List – Rank B

Dislyte Fighter Tier List – Rank C

Dislyte Fighter Tier List – Rank F

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that you should not be disheartened if you do not have the Best Fighter Espers on this list yet. Indeed, many of these options are very viable and can be extremely effective when built well. In addition, even if you have them but you like to use someone else, then you should! After all, this is a game that should be fun!

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