How to get Candy in Pokemon Go

Candy in Pokémon Go is one of the most vital resources you can get your hands on. Indeed, is the most important ingredient required for improving all of your favorite Pokémons. This includes for powering them up, evolving them, and unlocking a second charged attack.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about accumulating Pokémon Go Candies. From the faster methods such as catching Pokémon, to the slower methods such as hatching Pokémon eggs.

What are Candies in Pokémon Go?

Candies are individualized to each species of Pokémon. You can acquire candies for a Pokémon by either catching multiple of that species and “transferring” them, or making a certain Pokémon your “buddy” and going for walks to accrue the candy needed.

Candies from the unevolved form of a Pokémon also apply to the future evolutions of that species. For example, evolving a Krabby into Kingler will require Krabby Candies for the evolution itself. A full list of what Pokémon Candy can be used can be seen below:

  • Pokémon Evolution.
  • Powering up Pokémon.
  • Unlocking a second charged attack.
  • Purifying Shadow Pokémon.
Pokémon Go Eevee Candies

In the next section, we will cover exactly how you can go about starting to accumulate Pokémon candies.

How to get Candies in Pokémon Go

As mentioned above, there are a few different methods you can pursue in order to accumulate Pokémon candies. These include assigning a Pokémon as your buddy and transferring duplicate Pokémon to Professor Oak. In the next section, we will cover all these methods in more detail.

Transferring Pokémon for Candies

Once you’ve captured duplicates of a certain Pokémon, the ones with the lowest combat power (CP) can and should be transferred to the Professor for an additional +1 candy. This will help keep your Pokémon storage clear and provide those vital candies for enhancing and evolving your best Pokémon of that species.

Pokémon Go Candy Tranfer

However, it is important to note that when you transfer a Pokémon, it cannot be returned. Therefore, be careful about which ones you decide to transfer and which ones you decide to keep!

Gaining Candies with Buddy Pokémon

Besides transferring “dupes” to the Professor, you can also make a specific Pokémon your “buddy”. When doing this, you simply need to walk to gain candies for that Pokémon. The Pokémon Go app tracks your walking distance and applies candies to your buddy depending on how far you have walked. The general scale is to walk 3km to earn +1 candy for that Pokémon.

This isn’t the case for all Pokémon, unfortunately. For example, to earn candies for Krabby, you need to walk 3km. For other characters such as Magikarp, you only need to walk 1km to earn one candy. Although there is a difference, it’s safe to consider that most Pokémon will require you to walk 3km for one candy.

Capturing Pokémon for Candies

Lastly, you can also gain candies in Pokémon Go just by capturing new Pokémon. In general, you should expect to gain 3 Pokémon candies for a Pokémon each time you capture one of its species.

Pokémon Go Capturing for Candies

This can improve a very efficient way to gain candies. For example during Pokémon Community Days when a certain Pokémon will spawn on mass, or in specific areas where you know a certain Pokémon is available in large numbers. Capturing duplicate Pokémons will be a vital method you use when accumulating candies.

Hatching Eggs for Pokémon Candy

Another method for gaining candy in Pokémon Go is by hatching eggs. This is probably the least efficient method as it can take a significant amount of time to walk enough distance and you also do not know which Pokémon will hatch and therefore which candy you will gain.

Despite this, it will help you slowly accumulate more and every little helps. The number of candies gained will depend on the distance of the egg as outlined below:

  • 2km Egg – 5 to 15 candies.
  • 5km Egg – 10 to 21 candies.
  • 7km Egg – 10 to 21 candies.
  • 10km Egg – 16 to 32 candies.
  • 12 km Egg – 16 to 32 candies.

Evolving for Candy in Pokémon Go

Another low-yield method of gaining candies is by evolving Pokémon. For each Pokémon you evolve, you will get one candy for its species. This is of course a terrible return and not a method you will be targeting for accumulating large amounts of candies. However, as with the above method of hatching, every morsel will help you reach your goal.

Pokémon Go Candy XL

Pokémon Go Candy XL Power Up

Pokémon Candy XL is also available in the game and functions in the same way as regular Pokémon Go. However, Pokémon Candy XL is only required when you power up your Pokémon above level 40.

It can be gained in the same ways as regular Pokémon Candy but has a much lower drop rate. You can improve your chances of gaining Candy XL by transferring Pokémon with a higher CP.

In addition to this, you can also convert regular Candy into Candy XL. However, the exchange rate is 100 Candy for 1 Candy XL. This will therefore require quite a grind to accumulate enough of it for your power-ups!

Pokémon Go Rare Candy

Lastly, we cannot forget about Rare Candy when discussing candies. Rare Candy acts as a candy for any Pokémon the trainer chooses. Trainers simply select to use the Rare Candy and are then given the option of which Pokémon they want to apply that candy to.

Unfortunately, unlike the original Pokémon games, there is no sneaky cheat that you can use to get an unlimited supply of this resource. Instead, it can be accumulated via Research Tasks, Pokémon Go Raids, and the GO Battle League.

Like Pokémon Candy XL, there are also Rare Candy XLs available in the game. These function in the same way as Rare Candy but as a substitute for Candy XL instead.

For more information on how to become a better trainer in Pokémon Go, check back here at One Chilled Gamer! I hoped that you got all the information needed to understand the candy system. Now go catch them all!

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