Dislyte Esper Guides: Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong)

Dislyte Esper Tang Xuan

Originating from Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Chinese mythology, Tang Xuan is a Fighter Esper with a focus on applying Enchantments to himself that allow him to debuff those he has already hit with his powerful attacks. He can also heal himself and apply his own shield, making him less flimsy than some other DPS-based Espers.

Tang Xuan Details

  • Max Level Stats
  • ATK: 1,224
  • HP: 12,026
  • DEF: 885
  • SPD: 99
  • C. RATE: 10%
  • C. DMG: 150%
  • ACC: 0%
  • RESIST: 20%
  • General Information
  • Role: Fighter
  • Element: Wind
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Affiliation: Esper Union
  • Origins: Chinese
  • Deity: Sun Wukong
  • Captain Ability: Yes
  • Availability: Echo

Is Tang Xuan a Good Esper in Dislyte?

Though he certainly isn’t my favorite 5* Esper and isn’t the most powerful, Tang Xuan can be used incredibly effectively and, due to being one of the first guaranteed 5* Espers you can acquire, he’ll definitely be more viable than most for a good chunk of your Dislyte experience.

While he is a DPS Fighter, which Dislyte has no shortage of, his Enchantment feature is quite unique and allows him to apply a wide spread of buffs for a non-support Esper while also being pretty hard-hitting and not being too flimsy, a good balance that many supports don’t get.

He’s not as simple as Li Ling and his damage isn’t as significant, but he’s still a decent 5* with a lot of great specialties and this makes him pretty fantastic if you have an excellent team to utilize him in.

Tang Xuan Abilities

In battle, an Esper will utilize their abilities in order to deal damage to the enemy and support their team. All Dislyte Esper Abilities start at Level 1 and can be increased further depending on the ability. Each additional level will improve the ability in a certain way. For more details on improving an Esper’s abilities, check out our Dislyte Esper Guide.

Full details on all of Tang Xuan’s abilities can be seen below.

Righteous Anger

  • Level 1: Attacks 1 enemy. Deals 100% ATK damage. Deals Splash Damage to 2 random enemies equal to 60% ATK. Gains 1 random undispellable Enchantment before attacking for 1 turn. Enchantments:
    • Scorch: Inflicts Diseased for 2 turns upon damaging the target
    • Death: Upon dealing damage, inflicts True Damage equal to 5% of the target’s max HP, up to 50% ATK
    • Shackle: Has a 40% chance to inflict DEF Down for 2 turns upon damaging the target
  • Level 2: Damage dealt increased to 105%.
  • Level 3: Damage to additional targets increased to 70%.
  • Level 4: Damage dealt increased to 110%
  • Level 5: Damage to additional targets increased to 80%.
  • Level 6: Damage dealt increased to 120%.

Enchanting Dream

  • Level 1: Attacks 1 enemy. Deals 170% ATK damage. Absorbs all Enchantments to restore own HP. Each Enchantment restores 10% max HP. Cooldown: 3 turns. Following Ascension 3, Tang Xuan also gains a shield for 2 turns, with strength that equals 10% max HP. Each Enchantment absorbed increases Shield strength by 5% max HP, along with dealing 10% bonus damage.
  • Level 2: Damage increased to 180%.
  • Level 3: Damage increased to 190%.
  • Level 4: Damage increased to 200%.
  • Level 5: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn

Shattering Dream

  • Level 1: Attacks all enemies 2 times. Each hit deals 50% ATK damage. Absorbs all Enchantments before attacking for 2 turns. Cooldown: 4 turns.
  • Level 2: Damage increased to 55%.
  • Level 3: Damage increased to 60%.
  • Level 4: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn

Tang Xuan Captain Ability

Increases ally ATK by 30%.

Tang Xuan Ascension

All Espers in Dislyte can be further ascended to improve their stats starting from level 1. They can then be ascended again at levels 10/20/30/40/50 up to a total of 6 Ascensions. For more details on Ascending your Espers, check out our Dislyte Esper Guide.

Full details on the boost gained by Tang Xuan at each level of Esper Ascension can be seen below.

  • Phase 1: ATK +70
  • Phase 2: HP +950
  • Phase 3: Upgraded Enchanting Dream
  • Phase 4: ATK +10%
  • Phase 5: HP +15%
  • Phase 6: C. DMG +25%

Tang Xuan Resonance

Each Esper can conduct up to 6 Resonances. Each Resonance unlocks Divine Gates that boost an Esper’s powers through higher stats or stronger abilities. You can learn more about this feature in our Dislyte Esper Guide. See below for this Esper’s Resonance buffs.

Divine GateDescription
OverloadShattering Dream: Final Damage +10%.
MorphEnchanting Dream: Instead of absorbing Enchantments, grants corresponding effects based on the number of Enchantments. If Tang Xuan has an Enchantment, 20% chance of launching a Pursuit attack.
BlessingBase ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +15%.
Divine StrikeAfter casting a non-basic ability, the next basic ability’s damage +30%.
AuraBase ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +20%.
MorphRighteous Anger: The number of targets taking splash damage increased to 4.

Tang Xuan Equipment

Tang Xuan’s main focus is DPS that, while it isn’t primarily AOE, ends up targeting several enemies. Despite this, he’s adept at applying debuffs to his opponents to make that damage all the more effective. Because of the amount of damage he deals and because there’s no real way to extend these debuffs, the best way to build him is to take advantage of this DPS element to his character.

Therefore, you should look to apply the following sets:

  • Nether: HP regenerated at 35% of damage dealt.
  • War: ATK +30%
  • Avatara: 25% chance of using the basic ability to counterattack after damage
  • Fiery: C. RATE +20%

Lastly, Tang Xuan’s Equipment characteristics should prioritize C. DMG, C. RATE, ATK, and SPD.

For more details on finding and determining the best Equipment for your Espers, check out our Dislyte Equipment Guide.

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