Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and Tricks

Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and Tricks

Marvel Contest of Champions is a Multiplayer Fighting game for mobiles. It takes you to the Marvel Universe, where the plot focuses on events of Comic Book Series “Contest of Champions.” If you are new to Marvel Contest of Champions and looking for the Best Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and Tricks, then here you go.

Marvel Contest of Champions Tips and Tricks

Understand the MCoC Champion Classes

Each Champion has unique abilities and powers. However, their class determines who they are best used against.

  • Mystic Champions – rely on magic and are potent against Cosmic Champions but can’t beat Science Champions easily.
  • Science Champions – these Heroes are weak against Mutants but can efficiently deal with Science Champions.
  • Skill Champions – weak when they come against Mutant Champions, but powerful if they have to fight against Science Champions.
  • Mutant – good against Skill Champions and are weak against Tech Champions.
  • Tech Champions – use technology to make them robust against Mutant Champions; meanwhile, they are weak against Cosmic Champions.
  • Cosmic Champions – powerful against Tech Champions and weak against Mystic Champions.

Learn the Combos

Different heroes have different styles of combo. There are two standard you should know: the 5 hit combo (MLLLM) is used on opponents who aren’t blocking and the 4 hit combo (MLLM or MLLL) is used on opponents who are. The best time to use these is after you have parried and enemy’s attack.

Avoid Selling Heroes

Avoid selling your Heroes. They can be improved, and you may find that they are later buffed in an update to the game. In addition, certain events require lower ranked heroes for fights – you will therefore need them to complete these! Finally, pulling a duplicate champion will award you with more resources than you will receive from selling the champion.

Reroll your Account

An easy way to start the game with a 4 star hero is to continually restart your game until the first champion you pull from the Premium Hero Crystal is 4 stars. This is obviously very time consuming but worth the effort in the long term.

Save Units for Masteries

As you progress in the game you will realise how important it is to have a good store of Units. These are required for Masteries which become very expensive. If you really need to buy Crystals, use Shards instead. It is a good idea to unlock the Dexterity and Parry Masteries first. Do not unlock XP and Gold Masteries.

Join an Active Alliance

There are many great awards available from being in an Alliance. You are also rewarded with a new currency called Loyalty which can be redeemed for some great items.

Get a Portable Charger

Marvel Contest of Champions is a great game but will use a lot of your Cell Phone’s battery. Getting a portable charger will ensure this is no longer a problem. Check out our list of the Best Cell Phone Power Banks for Gaming.

Take Advantage of Synergy

Synergies are bonuses for pairing specific Heroes together in a fight. Bonuses range from higher health, attack, critical damage, and more.

Complete Story Quests

Completing the Story Quests is a great way to obtain rewards. They are great for building EXP to level and for obtaining more Units when you complete them.

Fight Arena Battles Often

This is the best game mode if you enjoy PvP. IT also has great rewards. You earn Battle Chips which can be spent unlock higher level arenas and on arena crystals which offer better quality ISO-8, units, potions, and more units.

Focus on your Best Heroes

Start by just focusing on a few of your best Heroes. It is best to have a full team of highly upgraded 3 star heroes rather than a mix with lower star Heroes. This will help you complete the Quests much easier and quicker.

Get more Heroes

You can use a few ways to get more Heroes for your team roster. The best ways are the following:

  • Premium Hero Crystal – spend 100 Units on hero crystal opening.
  • Arena Crystals – earn arena shards by winning arena fights to be exchanged for crystals.
  • Daily Crystals – chance to receive a one or a 3-star hero.
  • Special Events – completing these can reward crystals.

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