Mobile Gaming Roundup: 09-15 January 2023

Keep up to date with all the most important stories in Mobile Gaming with our Weekly Mobile Gaming Roundup. As usual, it has been another exciting week in the mobile gaming world and you can check out all the top stories below!

PUBG Mobile adds new vehicles as part of a collaboration with Polaris

Mobile Gaming News Roundup - PUBG and Polaris collab

With a partnership with Bruce Lee already under its belt, PUBG Mobile has had a strong start to this year. However, it seems that there is another strong collaboration heading after it was revealed that the game has partnered with Polaris Inc, the world leader in off-road vehicles.

The game will become even more exciting thanks to this collaboration, which will introduce two new off-road vehicles to PUBG Mobile. The Polaris RZR Pro R4, a modern side-by-side style offroader with incredible power and excellent handling, and the Polaris RZR Turbo R4, which is a powerhouse that handles harsh terrain with ease.

These two automobiles are of course Polaris’ real designs translated into PUBG Mobile while staying as true to their real-life counter parts as possible. There will also be a third addition, a Buggy with a Polaris-inspired design. This will represent a middle ground between the two previously mentioned vehicles. Two skins for the Buggy will be released alongside it.

Arknights is celebrating its third anniversary with a special in-game event

Mobile Gaming News Roundup - Arknights is celebrating its third anniversary with a special in-game event

Arknights just celebrated its third anniversary and a huge event is being organized in honor of it. The Ideal City: Endless Carnival event, which includes a new tale, clothes, operators, and furniture set, offers players a chance to celebrate this milestone. For the occasion, Yostar hosted a webcast, which can be found on the official Arknights YouTube page.

The Ideal City: Endless Carnival event will run till February 10th, and it is essentially broken up into three parts. The protagonist of the tale is Minimalist, a Durin who wants to avert the catastrophe in Zeruertza.

Four new operators are being introduced in this event. The first is Gavial the Invincible, a 6-star Guard who can be obtained only from the Great Axe and Pen Nib Headhunting. Next is Pozemka, a 6-star Sniper. Her skill set includes reducing enemy defense and increasing her attack range.

The two other heroes are 5 stars. Cantabile is a Vanguard and Therapist, depending on her remaining ammunition, she can produce one DP after each assault. Minimalist, a drone-wielding Caster who deals Art damage to opponents is the last hero. By completing the objectives in the City Forum, players can get Minimalist for free.

MapleStory M introduces a new Character – Sia Astelle

MapleStory M introduces a new character - Sia Astelle

This week has been a big one for MapleStory M because Nexon just unveiled the game’s first original character. This new character, Sia Astelle, is a Star Guardian from the Magician Class who has never appeared in any prior MapleStory game.

A number of extra events are being organized that will provide players with a variety of prizes in an effort to make Sia feel as welcome as possible in the MapleStory World. Her Pre-Creation event participants will already be receiving benefits, but her Growth Mission will make sure that those who missed out still receive some treats and boosts to help upgrade her.

MapleStory M is also still celebrating new year’s, with a bunch of events offering freebies such as food delivery, hunt coin gathering, and a climbing minigame. In addition, a ton of goodies will be distributed in honor of both 2023 and the Lunar Year coming to the game later this month.

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