State of Survival Tips for Beginners

When first starting out, State of Survival can come across as an extremely complex game for new players to the genre. Read these State of Survival Tips for Beginners to get yourself started off on the right foot.

These tips should make the early days of your SoS experience much easier to navigate and set you up nicely to becoming a powerful player.

State of Survival Tips for Beginners

Keep reading below for all the best State of Survival Tips and Tricks for Beginners. These include details on making the most of your Heroes and how to upgrade your settlement in the most efficient way.

Bind your State of Survival Account

This is probably the most important thing you can do when starting the game. It will ensure you do not lose your account if you lose your phone or are logged out for any reason.

You can Bind your State of Survival Account by going to Settings and then clicking on the Account option. There are several methods you can use to bind, including with your Facebook and Google accounts.

Join a Powerful Alliance

State of Survival Alliance Crate

Being in a strong Alliance in State of Survival is key to progressing quickly, especially if you are not a heavy spender. You will benefit from alliance rallies against powerful Infected Fiends, better rewards for doing well in Alliance Events, better protection against enemies, and more Alliance Crates.

Try to join at least a top 10 Alliance. Being in one of these alliances will dissuade other players from attacking you and will also have very experienced players who can teach you about the game.

Relocate to your Alliance Territory

SoS Relocate Items

To make the most of being in an alliance, you really need to be located within the alliance territory. This should mean you are closer to allies and therefore able to join rallies easily.

In addition, you must be within the alliance territory to take advantage of the alliance tech buffs. These include buffs to Warehouse capacity and March Speed.

Create a State of Survival Farm Account

Create State of Survival Farm Account

This will help you progress much quicker. You can funnel resources straight back to your main account to give your Settlement that needed resource boost.

You can create a second Character, on the same account as your Main Character, by clicking on Character Management under settings.

Play State of Survival on your PC

Play State of Survival on PC Free

You can use BlueStacks to play State of Survival on your PC or Mac for free. This allows you to easily manage several accounts at once. This is particularly useful if you are also running farm accounts to support your main account.

Indeed, playing State of Survival on your PC with Bluestacks will allow you to automate repetitive tasks, switch between accounts in an instant, play several accounts at the same time, and easily play while you work with the game in the background.

Prepare for your first Kill Event

PvP is a huge part of State of Survival. However, in general, many States are quite peaceful until it comes to the Kill Event. If you are not ready for this, you could lose a lot of troops and resources.

These begin to occur every two weeks once your State has reached a certain age. They tend to begin at midnight UTC time on a Friday and last 2 days.

To prepare, make sure you have resources below your warehouse protection limit and send your troops out to Alliance buildings if you do not intend to use a Peace Flare.

Get a Portable Charger

State of Survival is a great game but will use a lot of your Mobile Phone’s battery. Getting a portable charger will ensure this is no longer a problem. Check out our list of the Best Mobile Phone Power Banks for Gaming.

Focus on your State of Survival Headquarters

The Headquarters building of your State of Survival Settlement is the most important one there is. None of your other buildings can go above the level of your Headquarters.

Therefore, focusing on this building is vital before you can improve anything else. Indeed, upgrading this building as quickly as possible will allow you to build more powerful troops in the Garage, Range, and Barracks buildings.

Don’t Neglect your Research

Along with upgrading your buildings, you must not forget to focus on research. When you first start the game, the Development and Economy research trees are very important.

Upgrading your research in these areas, will allow you to upgrade buildings faster, produce more resources, and gather resources at a faster pace from the Wilderness.

Complete your State of Survival Intel

Each day, you are able to complete a certain amount of Intel missions. These can range from defeating infected, rescuing survivors, and killings big boss monsters.

These are a great source of rewards. In particular, you can gain rare Hero Fragments, receive large resource rewards, and gain more troops for your settlement.

Only Level 3 of your State of Survival Heroes

State of Survival Hero Training

In State of Survival, it is really only necessary to level up 3 of your Heroes. This is due to the Hero Precinct Training Area feature.

The Training Area allows you to assign 3 of your Heroes as Instructors, and then further Heroes as being trained. The Heroes being trained will automatically become the level of the lowest Instructor.

Therefore, there is no need to work on leveling up more than 3 of your Heroes. As the level of your Hero Precinct increases, the number of Heroes you can train increases.

Complete your Daily Activity

SoS Daily Activity should be completed every day. You get some great Biocap rewards from them and also an Advanced Hero Search if you open the last box at 325 activity points.

In addition, during certain special events, completing the Daily Activity Quests will reward you with event items. These can be redeemed for even more great items for example during the Wild Racing Event.

Upgrade your State of Survival VIP Level

State of Survival VIP Level

Improving your VIP level can offer some great buffs. Of course, to take advantage of these buffs, you must also activate your VIP status. Your VIP status can be activated for 30 days for just 10,000 Biocaps.

Benefits include increased resource production, increased construction speed, increased march slots, increased troop stats, and more. It is therefore highly recommended to always have this active.

Check the Market Stall Every Day

State of Survival Market

The Market Stall is a fantastic place to locate items at a cheap price. You can refresh it 3 times a day and should do this every day to see what is on offer.

It is a great source of VIP points and Relocators. Sometimes it is a good idea to buy cheap items for resources here too to see what they get replaced by.

Redeem State of Survival Gift Codes

Gift codes in State of Survival are a great way to get hold of some great free items. They often include Biocaps, Plasma, and Hero Search Items.

You can monitor the State of Survival Twitter Page for gift code announcements. Another good source is from Alliance Chat, players will often drop codes here to benefit everyone in the alliance.

Use the Hero Search Function Every Day

State of Survival Hero Search

Each day, you get 5 free Advanced Searches from the Hero Precinct. Ensure you complete these for an easy way to pick up further Hero Fragments.

In addition, you will also get a free Epic Search every couple of days. These contain even better Hero Fragments at an increased drop rate over the Advanced Hero Searches.

Remember to make use of your SoS Skills

State of Survival Chief Skills

Each time you level your Chief, you gain talent points to spend. These can be spent on War or Economy Talents. Early game, it is a good idea to focus on the Economy Talents.

If you follow the Economy Talent Tree, you will unlock the Rapid Development and Instant Collect Skills after applying 58 and 19 Talent Points respectively.

In particular, using the Rapid Development skill before large construction and research projects will reduce the upgrade time by 20%. You can use this skill once every 24 hours.

Use Travis to Save Stamina

SoS Hunting the Hunter Travis Event

Travis is by far one of the most useful State of Survival Heroes when it comes to PvE gameplay. Using him to take out Infected will save you a huge amount of stamina.

Indeed, his skill reduces stamina consumption by 20%. Make sure you take part in the Hunting the Hunter Event every week to accumulate his Hero Fragments. This is one of the key State of Survival Tips for Beginners which should not be overlooked.

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