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Relics in Evony are an important part of the game to attain powerful items and Generals. Indeed, you can also get some great resources and Gems from them. Read this Evony Relic Guide for all you need to know.

This Evony Relic Guide will cover all aspects of Relics. This includes the different levels of Relics, how to improve your exploring speed of Relics, and what items you can get from the Relic Chambers.

What is an Evony Relic

An Evony Relic is a location found on the World Map in which you can send troops to go and explore. Doing this will reward you with items depending on how long you spend exploring.

Evony Relic exploration will also reward you with Brick Hammers and Slate Fragments. These are used to enter the Relic Chamber which has even more great rewards. This is where you can get new Evony Generals and Tributes.

How to Find Evony Relics

Evony Relics can be found in 3 ways. Either you can locate one randomly on the World Map, go to an ally members relic, or you can use Treasure Maps to spawn one for yourself. Keep reading below in this Evony Relic Guide for details on each of these methods.

World Map Evony Relics

Evony Relic World Map

This involves simply searching the World Map for a random Relic and sending your troops to it to explore. However, you should try to avoid this method as it contains some risks.

It is often the case that this Relic will belong to another Alliance who will not be happy if you send troops there. They may attack you in retaliation. Additionally, it is not always clear if there are troops in the Relic or not which could be an expensive mistake.

Alliance Evony Relics

These are Relics that have already been opened by your Alliance members. You can easily find these relics by selecting the ··· icon and then clicking on the Relic option.

This will take you to a screen called Exploration Logs. Here, you will find a full list of all the Relics that are currently active within your alliance. Clicking on the Go button will take you directly to it and you can send your troops to explore.

Evony Alliance Relics

Any number of alliance members can explore the same relic. Indeed, this will help to clear the relic faster.

Evony Relic Treasure Maps

To open a personal Evony Relic you must have Treasure Maps. These come in 6 levels with the greater the level, the greater the rewards that can be found in the spawned relic. The Relic Treasure Map levels are outlined below:

Evony Relic Treasure Maps
  • Level 1 – Common Treasure Map
  • Level 2 – Uncommon Treasure Map
  • Level 3 – Rare Treasure Map
  • Level 4 – Legendary Treasure Map
  • Level 5 – Epic Treasure Map
  • Mysterious Relic – Magic Treasure Map

Evony Treasure Maps can be found by killing Boss Monsters.

If you have a large amount of lower-level Treasure Maps, you can compose them by combining 3 pages to create a new Treasure Map of the next level up. It is a good idea to compose them all into Magic Treasure Maps.

Evony Compose Treasure Maps

Each player can only have one Relic open at a time. You must also activate the Relic by sending troops to it before alliance members can also send troops to explore.

Exploring an Evony Relic

To explore a relic you must simply select it on the World Map and click on the Explore Icon. Here you will be brought to a screen similar to when you are gathering. Select the troops you want to explore and send them on their way.

The length of time you can spend exploring is determined by Troop Load Capacity. The greater this is, the longer you can spend exploring. This can be improved by sending a General with a Troop Load Skill Book applied.

The stats of a General make no difference to how fast or long a march can spend exploring a relic. The only factors that can change these are improved troop load research, equipment with troop load buffs or refines, and Troop Load Skill Books.

Evony Relic Exploration Points

When a Relic first spawns, it contains a finite number of Exploration Points. The number of Exploration Points remaining decreases as the Relic is explored. Once this number gets to zero, the Relic will disappear.

In addition to this, each relic will only be active for a certain time before disappearing and you must also meet minimum keep requirements in order to explore them. Full details of this can be seen in the table below.


It should also be noted that higher-level relics are explored quicker by your troops. It is always therefore a good idea to target higher-level relics over lower-level relics.

Evony Relic Exploration Rewards

Evony Relic Exploration gives a massive variety of rewards. This is a great way to pick up items of all sorts along with resources and gems. The rewards gained are random, however, you will get more the longer the time you spent exploring. Rewards include:

  • Resources
  • Gems
  • Speedups
  • Monarch EXP
  • Chips
  • Materials
  • Treasure Boxes
  • Truce Agreements
  • Refining Stones
  • Slate Fragments
  • Brick Hammers
  • Blood of Ares (maximum of 2 a day)

In addition to the above, if any relic owned by your alliance sees its Exploration Points reduced to zero, you will get an additional reward in the form of a Relic Alliance Package.

You should not worry too much about achieving this as the rewards are quite minimal. The packages include small numbers of Gems, Speedups, and Resources.

Keep reading below in this Evony Relic Guide to see what the Slate Fragment and Brick Hammer rewards can be used for.

Evony Relic Chamber

As outlined above, you will be rewarded with Slate Fragments and Brick Hammers when exploring Relics. These are used to explore the Relic Chamber. This is found by selecting the ··· icon and then clicking on the Relic option.

Evony Relic Chamber

To open a Relic Chamber, you must first have 25 Slate Fragments. Once you have this, you can open the Chamber and will be required to select 3 rewards from a list.

Once you have selected your rewards, you can begin smashing the 25 different Slate Fragments using your Brick Hammers.

Evony Relic Chamber Rewards

The 3 rewards you selected are guaranteed to be found under one of the Slate Fragments you have smashed. The remaining 22 Slate Fragments will contain random rewards from the list below.

Evony Relic Chamber Rewards

The rewards found in the Relic Chamber are highly valuable and can include the following:

  • Skill Books
  • Materials
  • Soul Crystals
  • March Speedups
  • City Teleporters
  • Stamina
  • Waybills
  • Gems
  • Generals
  • Research Stones
  • Tributes
  • Monarch EXP
  • General EXP
  • Spiritual Beast EXP
  • Speedups
  • Resources

Of course, the main target for most players are the Generals. This is a great way to unlock some rare Evony Generals without spending any money. By grinding relics, you are guaranteed to get them.

You simply need to collect 30 fragments for the General to unlock it. A full list of the Gold Evony Generals currently available in the Relic Chamber can be seen below:

Evony Relic Research

Research can play a great role in improving the number of resources you can gain by exploring relics. Relic exploration is a lengthy activity and this will make it much more worth your while.

There are 3 research types you will want to focus on to improve your Evony Relic exploration rewards which can be found under the Alliance research tree. These are:

Evony Relic Academy Research
  • Relic Exploration: Improves resource rewards for Relic Levels 1 to 5.
  • Mysterious Relic Exploration: Improves resource rewards for Mysterious Relics.
  • Adv Mysterious Relic Exploration: Improves resource rewards for Mysterious Relics.

Evony Relic Tips

  • Compose all your Treasure Maps into Magic Treasure Maps.
  • Only explore your personal or alliance relics.
  • Max out your relic exploration research for improved exploration rewards.
  • Do not explore during Server War unless you are creating a trap, the enemy server can attack Relics.
  • Never leave the Relic Chamber Early, smash all the Slate Fragments for full rewards.

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