Unveiling Call of Dragons Season 2+: Hearts of Ice

Greetings, Lords and Ladies of Belleron! Prepare yourselves for the grandeur of the upcoming Call of Dragons 1.0.20 update, titled Hearts of Ice, set to grace our realms on November 15, 2023. In this monumental update, Season 2+ promises a wealth of new content, improvements, and thrilling challenges that will reshape the face of the dragon-infested landscape. Let’s delve into the heart of the matter and explore the myriad enhancements that await.

Season 2+ Hearts of Ice: A Frosty Frontier Awaits

Call of Dragons Season 2+: Hearts of Ice

Explore the frosty landscapes of Belleron in the upcoming Call of Dragons Season 2+ Hearts of Ice update. Season 2 completion unlocks a fresh chapter, featuring a transformed terrain, mysterious Spires, and the introduction of Turrets for automated enemy attacks. The Policies system undergoes a strategic redesign, offering deeper gameplay. Brace yourselves for the chilly challenges and surprises that lie ahead in this exciting new season. Keep reading for all the details!

Legendary Additions: New Heroes and Beasts Join the Fray

Call of Dragons Season 2+: Hearts of Ice New Heroes

Embark on a new journey after conquering Season 2, as Call of Dragons Hearts of Ice ushers in a wave of new surprises and challenges. Brace yourselves for the following enhancements.

New Legendary Heroes

Explore the ranks of Skogul and Goresh, two formidable additions each with unique roles.

  • Skogul (Infantry, PvP, Tank): Obtainable from Lucky Spin and Wheel of Destiny events.
  • Goresh (Infantry, Rally, Precision): Recruitable through the Wheel of Destiny and Strongest Lord events.

Legendary Artifact

Behold the Spiritbone Torc, a legendary artifact emphasizing Infantry prowess in PvP and control. Obtain this formidable addition from Artifact Compendiums in the Forge of Light and Riches of the Forest events.

Mysterious Night Roc

Encounter the Night Roc, a mysterious beast lurking in the shadows. Challenge and purify this creature to make it a valuable War Pet in your conquests.

Mines of Kalon Wonder

Embark on a journey to uncover the Mines of Kalon, the largest mine in the Dwarven Kingdom and the battleground of the War of the Last Snows. Delve into the rich narrative behind this new wonder.

Strategic Warfare: Elevating the Battlefield Experience

Embark on a refined journey through strategic warfare enhancements, simplifying your Dragon Trail experience and amplifying the dynamics of War Pets. Dive into PvE improvements for a more engaging adventure. These updates aim to streamline gameplay and offer a more strategic and enjoyable experience on the battlefield.

Dragon Trail Enhancements

  • Ease in difficulty for Dragon Trail Stages 61-80 in Season 1.
  • Renaming of Dragonglass to Trail Coins for items in the Trail Store.
  • Adjustment of Hero EXP and Trail Coins obtained from certain stages.

War Pet Dynamics

  • Simplification of War Pet leveling from Level 53-60.
  • Improved War Pet Skill descriptions for enhanced clarity.
  • Introduction of a feature to quickly unlock War Pet Skill slots using lower-star Skill Cards.
  • Augurstone rule changes for “Strongest War Pet,” increasing chances of finding higher-rarity War Pets.

PvE Improvements

  • Heroes now gain EXP for defeating Darklings and Dark Creatures after reaching Level 50.
  • Equalization of rewards for defeating Darklings and Dark Creatures.
  • Removal of shared EXP based on damage dealt when multiple players collaborate to defeat enemies.

Seamless Adventure: Quality-of-Life Improvements

Discover a multitude of improvements designed to enrich your overall gameplay experience. From Alliance system enhancements to a more accessible map, these updates contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable journey in the world of Call of Dragons. Unveil the details below of how these improvements elevate your gaming satisfaction.

Season 2 Reset Adjustments

  • Hero levels remain unchanged if under Level 30 at the start of a new season.
  • Artifact levels and Arcane Dust are unaffected by resets.
  • Dragon Trail challenge difficulty no longer resets, unlocking more stages progressively.

Enhanced Terrain

  • Improved low-lying areas in sandstone cliffs to prevent accidental Legion entries into areas with Dark Chests.
  • Introduction of a Season 2 Truce Zone, where combat is forbidden for those who prefer a peaceful gameplay experience.

Alliance System Refinements

  • Merits Rankings improvements for better visibility and convenience.
  • Streamlined opening of multiple Rare Alliance Gifts for time-saving.
  • Increased benefits for Alliance donations, promoting more active engagement.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

  • Enhanced usability in alliance building and relocation, fixing buildings to the center of the screen.
  • Refined content sharing with improved aesthetics and additional sharing options.
  • Introduction of Union Chat for dedicated communication among union members.
  • Important message reminders to ensure crucial messages are not missed.

Unleashing Excitement: Event Extravaganza

Call of Dragons Season 2+: Hearts of Ice New Events

Embark on thrilling adventures with the introduction of new events in the upcoming update. Engage in Behemoth Raids, where you team up to confront mighty foes, and participate in the Treasure Hunt event, testing your skills in pursuit of hidden treasures. Additionally, get ready for exclusive deals during Black Friday events, and witness changes in events like Trial of Light and Celestial Battlegrounds.

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