Evony Monarch Talent Guide

In Evony, you can learn special Talents that add additional buffs to your account. These include a range of things all the way from March Speed Increases to Reduced Healing Costs. As your Monarch Level increases you will gain access to more and more Talents. Keep reading this Evony Monarch Talent Guide for all you need to know about this powerful feature.

How to Learn Talents

Learning Evony Monarch Talents

In Evony, you unlock your first Talent Point when your Monarch Level hits level 2. From this point on, you gain an additional Talent Point each time you increase your Monarch Level. Once you have a Talent Point, you can select your Monarch icon and then click on the Talent button to bring up the Talent Tree.

In this menu, you will see that you have two different slots that you can save Talents for. The Talent choices within each of these are exactly the same but allow you to quickly switch between Talent builds. For example, you may have a build for when you are focused on Gathering and another for when you are focused on PvP.

Initially, your choice of Talents will be quite small with further options in the Talent Tree only opened up once your Monarch Level hits certain milestones. At each milestone, you are able to select one of three Talents to use. Selecting a Talent will cost one Talent Point and can be leveled up to level 4 for 1 Talent Point each time.

Talent Tree

As mentioned in the previous section of this Evony Monarch Talent Guide, you gain access to more Talents as your Monarch Level increases. This can be thought of as a Talent Tree with you able to select a new Talent from an option of 3 at certain milestones. The below table outlines which Talents open up at each Monarch Level and what they do.

LevelOption 1Option 2Option 3
2March speed increaseExtra Monarch EXP & Prestige from offeringIncreases free speedup time
6Increased troop death rate against monstersBoosts city resource production but decreases gathering speedExtra building slot lasts longer
10Increased Archer Tower attackIncreased Warehouse protectionIncreased research speed
14Reduced healing cpstIncreased troop loadIncreased death-to-wounded rate in PvP
18Increased stamina regenerationIncreased plundering from resource spotsIncreases Sub City training speed
22Increased speed of reviving GeneralsChance of x2 from resource itemsIncreases Sub City attack
26Increased Trap trigger rateIncreased training speedExtra resources from gathering
30Increased Hospital capacityIncreased food protection from Troop consumptionIncreased enemy wounded-to-death rate
31Increased Sub City Death to Survival RateIncreased City Troop HPIncreased Troop training capacity
35Increased Siege repairing capacityIncreased death to survival rate when attackingIncreased Sub City Troop HP
36Reduced resource & Gem Siege repair costIncreased in-city Troop attackIncreased Sub City Troop capacity
40Increased Troop Revival in Server WarIncreased attack on MonstersIncreased Sub City Troop Defense
41Increased healing speedIncreased cconstruction speedIncreased in-city Troop defense
45Increased march speed to MonstersReduced enemy attack when attackingIncreased Troop attack when reinforcing

How to Change Talents

With 3 buffs to choose from at each level of the Talent Tree, there are a huge number of different combinations you can go for depending on your objectives. Thankfully, those you chose are not fixed forever and you can change Talents quite easily using the methods outlined in the next sections.

Talent Books

Swapping Evony Monarch Talent Builds

First up, you can are able to save 2 different Talent builds. These are seen at the bottom of the Talent Tree when you access the menu and are represented by the small book icons with I and II on them. You are able to switch between these 2 completely for free every 8 hours. However, if you want to do it more often than this then you can spend 2,000 Gems to do so.

Talent Reset

Evony Monarch Talents Reset

Alternatively, you may not be happy with the Talent builds you have created and want to reset them completely. Thankfully, this can easily be done, though unfortunately in this case it cannot be done for free. Indeed, to do this you will have to spend 2,000 Gems and this can be done by simply selecting the Reset button in the top right of the menu.

Talent Builds

Resetting your Talents all the time is clearly not a great use of your Gems, and therefore it is recommended to come up with 2 builds that will cover most of your bases based on the type of game you play in Evony. With this in mind, below are some suggested builds depending on what you are trying to achieve in the game. These Talent builds are only taken to level 30, as beyond this you will likely have some niche objectives on which you are better at making your own call.

Resource Growth

Evony Monarch Talents March Speed

This Talent Build is aimed at building your resource economy in the early game of a new Evony server. However, you will eventually outgrow this build and wish to reset it to something more suitable as you go forward for example with higher-level PvP or pumping out Troops.

2March SpeedYou will start the game very slow, select this to speed up your Monster marches so you can rally more often.
6MortalityThis will reduce your losses when attacking Monsters which is helpful in reducing healing costs and allows you to attack higher-level Monsters for better rewards.
10Warehouse ProtectionIncreases the number of resources that are protected in your Warehouse. Ensures less is plundered by the enemy if you are caught without a Bubble.
14Troop LoadThis will be important for Gathering in the very early game when you have few Troops. A higher load capacity will allow them to gather more resources than otherwise would have been possible. This can be swapped for Healing Cost once you are comfortably clearing resource spots with your March Size.
18Stamina RegenerationThis will ensure you use less Stamina when hunting Monsters allowing you to join more rallies, especially in the early game when it is difficult to replenish your Stamina.
22Resources CriticalThis gives you a chance to double the resources whenever opening a resource box. Can scale a lot when opening many at once.
26Gathering BoostVital for maximizing your Gathering by increasing the amount of resources taken from resource spots.
30Troop UpkeepDecreases the amount of food consumed by Troops. Allows you to store more for large building projects.

Keep Growth

Evony Monarch Talents Free Construction

This build is all about improving your buildings and research. It only goes up to level 10 as after this point you will likely follow a similar build to the one above unless you decide to switch to some more PvP relevant Talents.

2Free ConstructionEspecially useful in the early as it increases the time at which you can instantly finish a build. Best swapped to Offering once you are past the low-level building stage as this will increase Monarch EXP and Prestige which is vital for account growth.
6Builder DurationThis increases the time of your additional building slots. This will reduce the frequency with which you are required to refresh this and therefore save you some precious Gems.
10Research SpeedThis simply increases the speed of research at the Academy which will help you no end with progressing those important research projects.


Evony Monarch Talents Rescue

This Talent Build is all about the PvP side of the Evony and looks to maximize the damage you can deal against the enemy.

2March SpeedIncreases the speed of your attacks. A slow march is a death warrant, leaving you open to quick counters.
6MortalityNot really relevant to PvP as it reduces death against Monsters, however, it keeps the Talent Tree open for your next selection.
10Warehouse ProtectionWhen launching an attack, it is likely someone will hit your Keep when your Troops are out to try and steal some unprotected resources. This will increase the amount of resources that are protected in your Warehouse from such an attack.
14RescueThis reduces the number of Troops that are killed when attacking another player.
18Sub City TrainingWhen attacking an enemy you will probably take your Sub Cities with you which will see a lot of their Troops killed. This Talent will help them build up their Troops at a quicker pace so they can join you again on your next attack.
22Sub City AttackIncreases the damage done by your Sub City Troops.
26Training SpeedDoesn’t improve your damage but instead helps you build Troops at a faster pace to increase the size of your attacks.
30Hospital CapacityIncreases the capacity of your Hospital, ensuring you are less likely to hit the limit of wounded troops from an attack.

Build Tips

Evony Monarch Talents Offering

The above Talent Builds should give you an idea of the type of Talents you should be selecting depending on what you are trying to do at any one time in Evony. However, these are of course not one-size-fits-all builds and it is likely you will want to make some tweaks based on different situations. As such, the below points are worth keeping in mind when making your Talent selection.

  • Offering – this is absolutely vital for increasing your Prestige and Monarch EXP as efficiently as possible. Players will often store up a large number of Tributes and then switch this Talent on to increase the gains from Offering. It makes a huge difference.
  • Defense – if you are playing a defense game by trying to bait enemies to hit you then there are some Talents that can help with this. These include Archer Tower Attack, to improve the damage from this building, Sub City Attack if they are included in the defense to improve their damage, and in-city HP to boost the durability of your Troops.
  • Recovery – after you have made an attack or have received one, you will likely have many wounded Troops. Thankfully, Talents can help greatly with healing. These include Healing Cost, to reduce the cost of healing, General Revival, to speed up the revival time of any dead Generals, and Hospital Capacity to ensure you can save as many Troops as possible.
  • Traps – lastly, it is worth mentioning the Trap Triggering Talent. This increases the chance that any traps you have will trigger when your Keep is attacked. If you are building a Keep that relies on this it can be an effective way to inflict much more damage on an enemy than they may have expected.

As a final comment on Talents, never be afraid to spend the Gems to switch things up. It is almost always worth it if you are about to undertake an intensive activity such as mass Troop building and don’t have Training Speed saved to one of your 2 builds. If the gems are a worry, then check out our list of the Best Ways to Get Free Gems to ensure you are never low.

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