Mobile Gaming Roundup: 7-13 March 2022

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Mobile Gaming Roundup

Fortnite may have an image of Doctor Strange

Mobile Gaming Roundup - Fortnite may have an image of Doctor Strange

Epic Games is planning another collaboration with Marvel. As part of the cooperation in Fortnite, the image of Doctor Strange may appear. It was announced by an insider under the nickname Shiina on Twitter.

How exactly the character skin from the Marvel universe will be implemented in the game is still unknown. Most likely, more information will appear closer to his addition to Fortnite.

The insider stated that the crossover would take place after the start of the second season of the third chapter. Shiina did not provide any other details.

Note that Marvel heroes have already appeared in Fortnite. The characters of the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” Nick Fury, Gambit, and others, have all looked into the royal battle. Earlier in the game, there were crossovers with Uncharted, NBA, and Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaki.

On March 11, Epic Games also canceled prize money for Fortnite players from Russia.

Fortnite also features in our list of the Best Co-Op Games for Mobile.

The Impossible Game 2 Released

Mobile Gaming Roundup - The Impossible Game 2 Released

Fancy a challenge this week? So why don’t you try to beat The Impossible Game 2? After all, the super complicated platformer sequel just hit the Play Store.

This time, there are 20 different levels to progress through, spread across four different worlds. Each of these worlds has a diabolical boss fight to top it off.

There is also a Battle Royale style mode where 60 players complete the same challenge. The last one standing wins. The Impossible Game 2 also presents a map editor so that you can unleash your imagination.

You get all these things for free, and there are no ads. However, there is a unique IAP that unlocks a new level, a level editor, and some cosmetic options. 

Puzzle Quest 3 Launches for Android

Puzzle Quest 3 Launches for Android

After a series of previews, betas, and tests, Puzzle Quest 3 is available worldwide on the Play Store. So if you like to match things and hit monsters, you’re in luck.

The huge change for this latest installment in the main series is that the game is now free to play. 

The core mechanic is the same: create matches to deal damage to monsters, fighters, and other horrors. This time around, there are some much fancier 3D graphics to go along with it all. 

In addition to the single-player story, there are also PvP and cooperative multiplayer modes. So you can compete with your friends or team up with up to three of them to conquer dungeons.

There are daily quests, weekly rewards, and all the cheats you’d expect from a mobile game in the modern age. And a lot of loot. 

Phobies is now available for Android

Phobies is now available for Android

Phobies is a turn-based deck-building strategy game set in the human psyche. Well, now the Phobies can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Developed by a team of veterans who worked on the original Company of Heroes game, the game sees you fighting through strange hex-based levels.

It offers PvE and PvP modes, with the multiplayer experience offering asynchronous and real-time play. 

There are 120 different units to collect as you play, plenty of regular missions, and challenges to try and complete. And cross-platform play that allows you to play the same game on your mobile or PC.

For more mobile games like Phobies, check out our list of the Best Mobile Card Games.

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