Evony Sub City Guide

Evony Subordinate Cities are a vital component for doing well in Evony. In this Evony Sub City Guide, we will tell you everything you need to know to make the most of them.

This includes details on all the different Evony Sub City Cultures, when you need each one, and how to use them successfully for PvP.

What is an Evony Sub City

Evony Sub Citys are additional cities that you can take control of. They grant you additional buffs across a number of aspects. You can view your sub-cities by selecting the sub-city building or selecting them from the options menu.

Sub City Building icon

You do not need to manage them actively. Instead, you simply leave them to do their thing and they will continually upgrade their buildings and build troops.

In addition, they also produce Gold and Materials for you. The higher their level, the greater the production speed will be.

How to get Evony Sub Cities

All players start with one sub-city with an Evony Culture that is the same as the player’s current culture. When you change culture, so does this sub-cities culture. This sub-city can also never be taken by another player.

To take more subordinate cities, you can find them on the world map. They can either be NPCs or belong to another player.

Taking an NPC Sub City

To take control of an NPC sub-city, you simply need to attack them and win the battle. In addition to this, you must also have a free sub-city slot. If you do not, you cannot take the sub-city.

Evony NPC Sub City

Furthermore, you can locate rare NPC Evony Subordinate Cities during the Evony Historic City Searching Event.

When deciding whether or not to attack a sub-city, it is always worth checking the power, defending troops, and the defending General. This will pop up when you select to attack the NPC city.

Attack Evony NPC Sub City

You should adjust your attack accordingly. To learn more about the different troop types, check out our Evony Troop Guide.

If the NPC has a defending General, you will also gain this General after taking the NPC. It can be worth farming NPCs for their Generals. Look at our full list of Evony Generals to see who you could get.

Taking a Sub City in PvP

Another way to take an NPC Sub City is by taking it in PvP. To do this you must search the World Map for another player’s subordinate city that is not bubbled.

Bubbled Sub City

Once you have located one, it is time to start attacking. You must make 10 successful attacks against it to take. These 10 successful attacks can be split between several players, therefore if you want to take it quickly it is a good idea to get some allies to join in.

How Many Evony Sub Cities can you Hold

The number of sub-cities you can control, including your starting sub-city, depends on your rank as follows:

  • Knight: +1 Sub City
  • Baron: +2 Sub Cities
  • Viscount: +3 Sub Cities
  • Earl: +4 Sub Cities
  • Duke: +5 Cities
  • Archduke: +6 Sub Cities
  • Regent: +6 Sub Cities

Read our Evony Prestige Rank Guide for more details on how to increase your rank. In addition, once your Keep level is 11, you are able to control 3 sub-cities from this. You can then can get 1 more additional slot at VIP levels 15 and 17. Therefore, the current max you can hold through normal gameplay is 11.

However, if you have a serious amount of Gems, it is possible to add one more Subordinate City. To do this, you must buy a Glory Subordinate City Expansion order which grants you a Glory Subordinate City slot in addition to the Subordinate City slots you already have. These Glory Subordinate City slots must be filled with a Famous City.

Evony Glory Subordinate City Expansion order

Glory Subordinate City Expansion orders can be bought at the Auction House when the event is active. In addition, Famous City keys can also be bid on during these events which will give you the location to one of these cities to be captured. The cost for these can be huge but the buffs you get from them are also massive.

Evony Glory Subordinate City

Abandoning Evony Sub Cities

You may come across situations where you want to get rid of one of your Sub Cities. For example, you have reached your limit and want a different one or you want to give it to someone else in trade or for them to borrow.

To do this, navigate to your list of Subordinate cities and select the one you wish to abandon. From here select the small red icon and confirm you wish to abandon it.

Abandon Evony Subordinate City

When you abandon a Sub City, it will become a Level 1 NPC Sub City again. However, if you decide to retake it, it will revert back to 1 level below that at which you held it at.

Evony Sub City Cultures

Evony Subordinate Cities can be found in 7 different cultures. Each culture provides you with a different type of buff if you control the corresponding sub-city.

  • Europe – improved construction speed and increased general experience from killing monsters.
  • America – increased subordinate city gold production and increased research speed.
  • Russia – increase in city troop attack and trap attack.
  • Japan – improved main city attacking troop attack and increased research factory production speed.
  • Arabia – increased hospital capacity and healing speed.
  • Korea – increased warehouse capacity and extra resources from gathering.
  • China – increased resource production and training speed.
  • Famous City – each has unique buffs that are very powerful.

Evony Sub City Rarity Levels

The boost provided by each subordinate city will increase depending on the city’s rarity level. There are 7 rarity levels:

  • White – Common
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Blue – Excellent
  • Purple – Legendary
  • Gold – Epic
  • Famous City

Upgrading a Subordinate City

Your starting Sub City cant be upgraded. Unfortunately, you cannot do this with the NPC sub-cities that you capture from the World Map.

Starting sub-cities begin at the White rarity level. To upgrade them it costs Gems. Each time you upgrade them, the sub-city gains the buff of its new rarity level. Select the green arrow to upgrade it when viewing its details.

Upgrade a Sub City

The requirements to upgrade an Evony Sub-City can be seen below:

  • Common -> Uncommon: Sub City Lvl 10 and 5,000 Gems
  • Uncommon -> Excellent: Sub City Level 15 and 50,000 Gems
  • Excellent -> Legendary: Sub City Level 20 and 500,000 Gems
  • Legendary -> Epic: Sub City Level 25 and 2,500,000 Gems
Upgrading a sub city

This is definitely worth doing as the new buff will bring you huge benefits in the long term. Indeed, this is especially true if you are not strong enough to defeat or fight for an NPC sub-city of the same rarity.

Evony Sub City Mayor

To make the most of Evony Subordinate Cities, it is a good idea to assign a General as the mayor. A mayor will improve construction speed and troop training speed based on their Leadership and Politics stat.

Evony General Politics Buff

The Mayor will also lead the Sub City Troops into battle if you decide to use them. This means that the Mayor’s stats will determine how strong the subordinate cities’ troops are.

To assign a mayor, navigate to the Sub City and click on the small green arrow icon in the Mayor box. Once you have done this, you will be able to select a new mayor for the sub-city.

Change sub mayor

Also always ensure you are assigning a Historic Evony General as Mayor. This is because some Sub City buffs are only active if these types of Generals are assigned as the Mayor.

In particular, Sub Cities can have a total of 4 buffs active. However, without a Historic General, only 2 of these will be active. To learn more about Generals, check out our Evony General Guide.

Best Evony Sub City Generals

There are certain Evony Generals who make better sub-city mayors than others. This is usually determined by the General’s special skill.

Best Sub Generals

For PvP, you want an Evony General that applied a negative debuff to enemy troops. If you have several of these as mayors, you can apply a huge debuff in defense and attack. See our list of the Best Evony Sub City Generals for more details.

For development, you want an Evony General that has skills that improve the speed that the sub-city will develop at. See our list of the Best Sub City Generals for more details on these specialized Sub City Development Generals.

Best Evony Sub Cities for PvP

The Sub City you want to use in PvP will very much depend on your style of play. Getting this right is particularly important when active in the Server War or the BoG and BoC Battlefields.

If you prefer to hit other Keep, you should load up all your Evony Sub Cities as Japan. This will give you a huge attack buff when attacking.

Evony Sub City Russia

If you prefer to let people hit you and surprise them with your strong defense, then Russian Sub Cities are the way to go. They will give a big boost to the in-city troop and trap attack. It can also be useful here to add some Evony Arabia Subs to improve Hospital Capacity.

Ensure to use one of the best Evony Sub City PvP Generals when focused on PvP.

Best Subs for Development

Bubbled development sub city

When you are focused on construction, troop training, or research, again the sub-cities you want will be very different. The list below quickly summarizes the best options for each.

  • Load up on Europe Sub Cities to gain a massive construction speed buff.
  • For troop training, take many China Sub Cities. This increases training speed and also provides a buff to resource production.
  • When focused on research, accumulate America Sub Cities, this will give you a good research speed buff.

Ensure to use one of the best Evony Sub City Development Generals when focused on development.

How to Use Subs in PvP

When taking part in PvP, you can decide whether or not to use your sub-cities. Using a sub-city will mean that its troops are involved in the battle to assist you.

However, you are really taking them to battle to benefit from the Evony Generals’ debuff to enemy troops. Read our Evony General Guide and our list of the Best Evony Sub City Generals to learn more about this.

Using Sub Cities in Attack

To use a sub-city in PvP simply select your target and click the attack option. From here, you can select each individual sub-city that you want to join you in the attack. Alternatively, you select the checkbox and all sub-cities will join.

Select Evony Sub Cities for PvP

Using Sub Cities in Defense

To use sub-cities in defense, first, navigate to your sub-city list. Here, select the “All automatic fight for other Cities” and “All Accept Reinforcements” checkboxes.

Sub Cities Defense

Please note, you can also do this on an individual level for each subordinate city by clicking into it and enabling the same options.

As a default, you should always have these off unless you are a very powerful player. Only turn them on if you are active and confident you will be able to win a defense against whoever you think will attack you. Otherwise, you will be zeroed and all Generals killed.

Using Evony Sub Cities to Level Generals

You gain General experience from attacking NPC subordinate cities. You can take advantage of this to level your Generals fast.

To do this, you must first ensure that you are at your maximum level of subordinate cities. Now you should teleport next to a sub-city and attack it many times.

As you will not be able to take it, you can attack it an unlimited amount of times with your Generals gaining experience each time.

Please note, always check the power of the sub-city before attacking. It is not worth doing this if you will lose a lot of troops.

Sub City Limitations

Unfortunately, you cannot take your Sub-City with every attack you want to make. These limitations are outlined below.

  • Any kind of rally – monster or PvP.
  • Your sub-city must have a mayor to be used.
  • The sub-city must also have some troops left in it.
  • Cannot be used when attacking special building types e.g., Temples, NPC sub-cities, and Battlefield buildings in BoG and BoC.

Evony Subordinate City Tips

  • Change your Evony Sub Cities regularly depending on what you are doing. The buffs are worth it.
  • Upgrade your sub cities rarity as soon as you can. There is no point holding on to white sub-cities.
  • Swap rarer sub-cities around in your alliance so you can all benefit from the buffs.
  • Take advantage of the Evony Historic City Searching Event to try and get good subs.
  • Be careful when you drop bubble, enemies can take subs very quickly if they are organized.
  • Leave your sub-cities off defense unless you are very powerful and not in the Server War / BoG and BoC Battlefields. You will just be zeroed otherwise, with all Generals killed or captured.
  • If you play a defense game, don’t neglect sub-city research at the Academy.
  • Always assign the Best Evony Sub City Generals to ensure you are maximizing their potential.

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