How to Play CoD Mobile with a Controller

CoD Mobile has been a huge game since its release. Indeed, it works great on modern mobile phones. However, to get the most out of it, it would be great to play CoD Mobile with a controller.

Here we investigate how to play CoD Mobile with a controller and find that the Backbone One and GameSir X3 are currently the best options to do this.

Can you play CoD Mobile with a Controller?

Yes. CoD Mobile has built-in mobile controller support and has for a long time. However, many CoD Mobile gamers don’t even know about it.

Indeed, you can use a Bluetooth connection to play with a Playstation or Xbox controller. Though you will need to pick up a gaming clip to attach your phone to the controller for best results.

CoD Mobile Hero

However, for the optimal experience, the Backbone One or the GameSir X3 are the best options. Both use a hard connection to avoid latency issues and you should make sure to read our in-depth Backbone One Review and GameSir X3 Review to learn more.

Is CoD Mobile Easier with a Controller?

The developers are sure that support for mobile controllers in Call of Duty Mobile will allow more fans to enjoy the shooter. Playing CoD Mobile on a smartphone with virtual controls is not very convenient. 

Because you need to run, aim and shoot at the same time. It is much easier to fight with a mobile controller because hardware controls are just simply easier to use than touchscreens for an FPS.

CoD Mobile Gameplay

The game also recognizes when you are playing with a controller and throws you into a lobby with other mobile controller players. Therefore, it avoids giving mobile controller players too much of an advantage.

However, even if only one of your friends on the team uses a controller, you will all be assigned to the controller lobby. This could put you at a huge disadvantage if you are the one without a controller.

The Backbone One and GameSir X3 both promise a pure gaming experience and can be connected to your smartphone in seconds. When the appropriate app is opened, the player can enjoy games on the mobile device wherever they want.

How to Play CoD Mobile with a Controller

The mobile version of Call of Duty natively supports Backbone One, PlayStation 4, GameSir, and Xbox One controllers. These official controllers work best, although support for more is always being worked on.

All you need is a Bluetooth connection for the Xbox and Playstation controllers, with the Backbone One and GameSir X3 plugging directly into your phone. If using an Xbox or PlayStation controller, you’ll also need a gaming clip to attach your phone to the controller.

The standard layout is almost identical. So if you’re already used to getting one kill after the other on consoles, you shouldn’t have any problems in Call of Duty: Mobile either.

How to Play CoD Mobile with the Backbone One

If you have already purchased a Backbone One controller, then you need to complete three small connection steps:

First, simply connect the Backbone One controller to your smartphone. Next, just press the Backbone button to open the Backbone App. After this, you can simply select the game you want to play and have it going in seconds.

Backbone One Connection

In general, with these settings completed, your game should automatically find the mobile controller that is connected to the game.

How to Play CoD Mobile with the GameSir X3

For Android users, the GameSir X3 is a great option to play CoD Mobile with. Indeed, this couldn’t have been made any easier by GameSir. Simply plug your Android phone into the controller with the Type C connection, open up the app, and start playing.

What Mobile Controllers are Best for CoD Mobile

Manufacturers such as Sony, Xbox, and Razer show how much money can be earned in the mobile games sector. They all now compete with their controllers for customers who mainly play on their smartphones.

The mobile controllers from these producers are easily connected to a mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth or hard connection. This creates, at least as far as the controls are concerned, a feeling like on the console or the PC. Unfortunately, this is not always the best option…

There are a couple of clear winners when it comes to playing CoD Mobile with a mobile controller. This will depend on if you are an iPhone or Android user.

For iPhone users, the best mobile controller for CoD Mobile is the Backbone One. For Android users, the best mobile controller for CoD Mobile is the GameSir X3. Both will turn your phone into a slick portable console with a hard connection to minimize latency.

Backbone One – iPhone Best for CoD Mobile

Backbone One Mobile Controller

With Backbone One, mobile gaming has now been taken to a new level for iPhone users. The concept of the controller is based much more on mobile consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

Accordingly, the controls such as analog sticks, buttons, and shoulder buttons can be found directly to the right and left of the screen after inserting the smartphone. Once the Backbone button is pressed, the associated app will open. This just all simply creates a better user experience.

You can then enjoy all your favorite mobile games. According to the manufacturer, all games that are available on Apple Arcade are supported. This includes:

  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Minecraft
  • Stardew Valley
  • Asphalt Legends
  • Beyond A Steel Sky

You can also see the full list of supported games right here. Something that is difficult to find for competitor mobile controllers.

Backbone One Mobile Controller Games including CoD Mobile

Due to the direct connection to the iPhone, the latency is significantly reduced, which is the basis for responsive gaming. In addition, the user has the option to record their gaming experience in 1080p and 30 fps via the capture button and immediately share it with friends on social platforms. It is also possible to create screenshots. 

The controller is more than just the control unit. In combination with the app, it turns the whole thing into a kind of mini portable console with built-in social functions. For example, all installed games or those that can be played with the JoyCon-like unit are displayed via the application.

Read our full Backbone One Review.

GameSir X3 – Android Best for CoD Mobile

This controller takes mobile gaming to the next level for Android users. The Type-C connection minimizes latency issues often found in Bluetooth controllers, whilst the built-in fan will keep your mobile cooled while you play.

Aside from CoD Mobile, there are a huge number of games compatible with the GameSir X3. You can see the full list here or directly on the GameSir App. Most AAA games are covered and aside from CoD Mobile, include:

  • Apex Legends
  • Fortnite
  • Diablo Immortal

For full details on the GameSir X3, check out our full GameSir X3 Review.

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