Mobile Gaming Roundup: 24-30 October 2022

Keep up to date with all the most important stories in Mobile Gaming with our Weekly Mobile Gaming Roundup. As usual, it has been another exciting week in the mobile gaming world and you can check out all the top stories below!

Xbox to Launch a Mobile Game Store to Compete with Google and Apple

Mobile Gaming News Roundup - Xbox to launch mobile store

To compete with Apple and Google, Microsoft is constructing an Xbox mobile shop to directly provide games on mobile devices. The software behemoth initially alluded to a “next-generation” shop it would fill with its own products earlier this year. But they now came out with details about said shop.

Microsoft could easily leverage the enormously successful mobile games Candy Crush Saga and Call of Duty: Mobile, which are produced by Activision and King, respectively, to help develop a gaming shop that can compete with Google Play and the App Store. Given Apple’s restrictions on third-party software stores on iOS, it is impossible to see Microsoft ever challenging Apple on its home turf.

However, it is obvious that doesn’t stop them from planning an Xbox mobile app store. Who knows, with the growing Mobile Gaming industry, maybe Microsoft could try to launch their brand of phones again, promising exclusive mobile games to lure in new users.

Diablo Immortal Launches a Huge Update Featuring Character Transfers

Mobile Gaming News Roundup - Diablo Immortal Character Transfer Update

The October content update for Diablo Immortal, a popular mobile ARPG from Blizzard Entertainment, has just been released. It contains several enhancements and bug fixes, a new battle pass, the ability to transfer characters, and server mergers.

Character switching across servers is a frequently requested feature. Players of Diablo Immortal are eligible for one free transfer as part of the October update. Although there is no time limit, it can only be used once. After this, each shift will cost $15.

The update brings “Below the Sands”, the sixth battle pass of Diablo Immortal. It includes new challenges that will help you level up said pass. The pass itself contains skins from the “Below the Sands” cosmetic line for all the classes. You can also expect new content and new daily tasks.

Serenitea Pot’s Replication System is Coming to Genshin Impact With the 3.2 Update

Genshin Impact adding Replication System

With the inclusion of new characters and questlines, Genshin Impact’s version 3.2 will wrap up the Sumeru story arc when it launches in a few days. The Serenitea Pot’s Replication System, a feature that has been much sought, is also included in the update.

The Serenitea Pot, often known as the Teapot, is a secret world in Genshin Impact where players can build their very own little home. It enables users to design a residence using a variety of furniture, structures, and accents. Players could previously visit each other’s teapots, but there was no method for them to share blueprints with their layouts.

However, it is now possible thanks to this upgrade that includes the Replication System. Travelers must have finished the mission A Teapot to Call Home: Part II and have unlocked the Serenitea Pot System in order to use the mechanic. You can then generate a blueprint of all your furnishings and share it with friends or online. Or just save your favorites for yourself!

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