Marvel Strike Force Web-Warrior Team Guide

Scopely has continued to extend the variety of Spidey-like squads with the addition of the Web-Warriors team. The Web-Warriors lineup consists of Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Miles), Spider-Punk, Scarlet Spider, and Ghost Spider. In this Guide let’s analyze further how this Web-Warrior Marvel Strike Force team functions and cooperates with each other!

Marvel Strike Force Web-Warriors Team

MArvel Strike Force Web-Warrior Team Guide

The Web-Warriors lineup is most valuable and effective when being used for Raids. This means they will receive additional buffs and bonuses whenever they’re fighting in Raid battles only. Another benefit to this squad is the stronger they become, the stronger their synergy becomes with one another.

Spider-Man (Miles) provides constant Speed Up to allies while allocating Defense Down to the enemy squad. Spider-Punk, on the hand, offers synergestic abilities, other than distributing +10% Damage to his Web Warrior allies in Raids. However, he does accept and cooperate with all Web Warriors which is enough to ensure his place in this squad.

Original Spider-Man distributes random positive effects to Web-Warrior allies whenever a negative effect is applied to an enemy. Mainly, ‘OG’ Spidey provides an extra +10% Dodge Chance to all Web Warriors allies. Scarlet Spider compliments Spidey’s abilities by tagging the enemy squad with Slow and distributing small continual heals.

Marvel Strike Force Web-Warrior Scarlet Spider

In Raids, if Scarlet Spider lands an attack on the enemy, all Web Warriors allies will be healed for 3% of their Max Health and will be granted an extra +15% Max Health throughout the battle. Scarlet Spider will also activate +25% Crit Damage for himself and all Web Warrior teammates. Finally, No Responsibility, Scarlet’s passive ability awards Web Warrior partners with Offense Up and Deathproof for two turns.

Ghost Spider comes in at the end where she can provide heals, increase teammates’ damage output, and grant Ability Energy. When in Raids, Her Percussive Punishment distributes +5% Damage, applies Speed Up & Evade, and generates +2 Ability Energy for five random Web Warriors allies.

How to Get Web-Warrior Shards

As is usual, it is important to know how to farm Web-Warrior Shards so you can begin developing them into a strong team. They are relatively easy to accumulate with the exception of one Toon… You can see the full details in the list below.

  • Ghost Spider – Arena Store
  • Spider-Man – Blitz Supplies
  • Spider-Man (Miles) – Blitz Supplies
  • Spider-Punk – Arena Store
  • Scarlet Spider – Premium and Mega Orbs

Countering the Web-Warrior Team in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force Bionic Avengers Hulkbuster

Scopely has the tendency to place the newest squads on a pedestal, making them a match for no other squad. As of now, the only solution to stop this Web-Warriors lineup is to use the Bionic Avengers.

The Bionic Avengers are Iron Man, Hulkbuster, Vision, Viv Vision, and Deathlok. Each Character brings their own unique abilities to the battle. Hulkbuster provides heals for the team when in battle.

Although Iron Man can also be used in other squads, such as Wave-I, Tech, and Power Armor, he is also applicable to the Bionic Avenger lineup. Stark Upgrades, Iron Man’s passive ability provides an additional +20% Crit Damage, +5% Damage, and +20% Crit Chance to all Bionic Avenger allies on offensive attacks. 

Vision and Viv Vision are similar to the Hawkeye and Black Widow duo. Vision receives a 50% chance to gain an assist attack from Viv Vision.  Viv Vision’s passive ability, Positive Vibes, heals all Bionic Avenger allies for 3% of the character’s Max Health while also distributing +15% Armor

Deathlok is the newer addition to this team. He is is a soldier with a cybernetic system built into him. Refurbished, his passive ability dispenses a +15% Damage increase to all Bionic Avengers, with the chance of the percentage rising to 45%. Deathlok also serves as the pure damage-deliverer of the team. He has no fancy abilities, blocks, or buffs besides giving the enemy team hell by raining down bullets.

How to get Bionic Avenger Shards

Marvel Strike Force Bionic Avengers Viv Vision and Deathlok

There is no easy way to recruit the Bionic Avenger Team in Marvel Strike Force at the moment. The current ways of getting all their Shards are summarized below:

  • Deathlok – Premium and Mega Orbs
  • Viv Vision – Premium and Mega Orbs
  • Hulkbuster – Special Offers
  • Iron Man – Legendary Event: I Am Iron Man
  • Vision – Nexus Campaign Mission 3-9

Currently, the Bionic Avengers are the only antidote to stopping this Web-Warrior Team in Marvel Strike Force. With that being said, as always, keep on Strike Forcin’!

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