Mobile Gaming Roundup: 28-04 December 2022

Keep up to date with all the most important stories in Mobile Gaming with our Weekly Mobile Gaming Roundup. As usual, it has been another exciting week in the mobile gaming world and you can check out all the top stories below!

PUBG Mobile Receives a MASSIVE Update

PUBG Mobile Receives a MASSIVE Update - gaming news

Devs of PUBG Mobile surprised players this week with an avalanche of new features and content in their hit free-to-play battle royale game. This included upgradeable armor and weaponry in the battle royale’s Aftermath Mode, which in itself has undergone a major redesign. Players may now use energy drinks and first aid kits to recover while they’re on the move.

Players can expect to encounter up to 12 new locations, including 8 new bunkers and 4 new guard posts. The revamped Aftermath Mode features new supply caches, changes to Recall Towers, and will now feature randomly spawning loot trucks, which you can blow open for some sweet loot.

Players will also now be pinged the location of a nearby cabinet with medicine, using it restores a great deal of energy very quickly. This is on top of updates to Stalber, a location within PUBG Mobile. It got a minor graphical update, a reshuffling to make it easier to navigate, and brand-new cable cars going in and out of the locations for ease of transit.

Honkai Impact 3rd Launching The Chrono and Hare Update

Honkai Impact 3rd Launching The Chrono and Hare Update - mobile gaming news roundup

A new update for the action mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd has just been released by Hoyoverse. The Chrono and the Hare, version 6.2, will be released on December 8th. The update will include the 33rd story chapter titled “In the name of truth”, also featuring the “Chapter Sigma” event.

Further stages of the update will bring us the “Honkai Salvation Log” event, featuring free goodies and a skin. Followed by the “Beating Thunder” event that will reward you with a free character card. During the update, new skins will be also available for purchase.

This update introduces Chrono Ai Hyperion Lambda, simply shortened to Chrono Navi, also known as Ai-Chan. Chrono Navi is a mech melee-type fighter who deals fire damage and has a chakram capable of providing buffs to teammates. The chakram also functions as a boomerang and Ai’s agile moves allow her to slash through enemies using it.

Dead Cells Mobile Version is Slowly but Surely Catching Up To Its PC Version With Nice Updates

Dead Cells Mobile Version is Slowly but Surely Catching Up To Its PC Version With Nice Updates

The mobile version of the critically acclaimed 2D Metroidvania rogue-lite Dead Cells will get all of the current PC upgrades in one huge patch. All three of the content drops that were released earlier this year for the game’s PC and console versions are now available on mobile devices!

One of those is “Enter the Panchaku”, which is simply a balancing and very minor item update. Some of your favorite power-ups and weapons may behave differently, or you simply might find some new toys to play with! Be on the lookout.

“Break the Bank” which adds whole new gameplay mechanics, and a new environment with new enemies and weapons is also on this list. Enter the bank, take a debt, gather incredible riches, gamble it all, and try to make it out alive of the golden labyrinth. More importantly, try to make it out RICH.

And last but not least the “Breaking Barriers” update adds accessibility features for a variety of people who might need them. Whether you suffer from mobility issues, audiosensory issues, or simply find some aspects of the game too hard for your liking, Dead Cells Mobile will now feature-rich customization options to make the game more fit for you!

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