Marvel Snap How To Unlock Cards

Marvel Snap is the newest edition of Marvel’s gaming line and with over 5 million downloads, it is safe to say Marvel has done it again. Past Marvel games have focused on ranking individual characters, and using them to build your own team to fight (Strike Force, Content Of Champions), or using them for 1v1 battles (Future Fight). In contrast, Marvel Snap is a card-based game where you must unlock cards and build decks to battle others online.

Again, unlike other Marvel games, there are no campaign modes, nor farming methods to recruit specific cards players may desire. This can leave new players puzzled as to the best way to get new cards. In this guide, we will show you all the best methods to unlock more Marvel Snap cards for your decks.

How to Unlock Cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is designed for players to be constantly unlocking new cards to add to their deck. However, as mentioned above, there is no specific farming method to get the exact cards you want. Instead, you must rely on a few specific methods to unlock cards in Marvel Snap and hope that one of these gains you the card you want.

Upgrade your Collection Level

Marvel Snap Collection Level

By upgrading your Collection Level rank, players can receive new character cards as rewards. This is also the best way to unlock some of the Best Marvel Snap Cards for Beginners. To rank one’s Collection Level, players will need to upgrade their current cards by using Boosters and Credits. There is also an option in the Shop to Fast Upgrade cards, in exchange for Credits, for which you do not yet have all the required Boosters.

Boosters for specific cards are found by winning matches and as milestone rewards from your Rank Level and Collection Level. Credits can be purchased with Gold (Marvel Snap’s premium currency) and can be won as milestone rewards from your Collection Level, Season Pass, and Rank Level. Lastly, they can also be won by completing your daily missions.

Complete the Season Pass

Marvel Snap Warriors of Wakanda Season Pass

Another possible way to acquire specific cards is to buy the Season Pass. Marvel Snap’s Season Pass is currently priced at $9.99 and offers new cards, special card variants, new avatars, Boosters, Credits, and Gold. This is a great option to get some new cards at a good price, especially if you see a specific card in it that you want.

Once you have purchased it, ensure you are completing the Season and Daily missions. These will reward you with the Season Points you need to upgrade your Season Pass level in order to start getting the rewards. You really want to ensure that you complete all the levels for maximum benefit.

Token Shop

Marvel Snap Token Shop for Unlocking Specific Cards

The Marvel Snap Token Shop is currently the only method available to unlock specific cards you want. To make use of this feature you will need to accumulate a certain currency called Collector’s Tokens. These can be found in Collector’s Caches or Reserves which are obtained through the Collection Level Track starting from level 500.

The Token Shop rotates every 8 hours so you will see many different cards come through here. However, do not worry if you don’t yet have the required Tokens as you will be able to pin specific cards you do not want to rotate to save them for later.

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