Mobile Gaming Roundup: 07-13 November 2022

Keep up to date with all the most important stories in Mobile Gaming with our Weekly Mobile Gaming Roundup. As usual, it has been another exciting week in the mobile gaming world and you can check out all the top stories below!

Battlefield Mobile Open Beta Is Live! (Select Regions Only)

Gaming News - Battlefield Mobile Launches Open Beta

Battlefield Mobile was officially announced by Electronic Arts back in April 2021, with a release date of 2022. This open beta test is not, however, a global launch. It has been announced that Battlefield Mobile will not be a mobile version, but a completely new game developed particularly for use on mobile devices and tablets. This is the Battlefield franchise’s first step into the mobile market.

Open beta testing is currently available only in a few locations. Indeed, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore are currently the only regions where Battlefield Mobile is live. However, new regions will become eligible for open beta participation over time, according to the Battlefield website’s FAQ.

On the Battlefield Mobile page on Google Play Store, pre-registration is available for select territories. These public beta tests for Battlefield Mobile come after closed beta tests that began in the Philippines and Indonesia in the fall of 2021. It seems that each beta is targeting a larger and larger group of end users. Who knows, maybe we are months or weeks away from a proper launch of the product.

The Creators of Pokemon Unite and Call of Duty: Mobile, TiMi Studio, Are Working On A Monster Hunter Mobile Game

Monster Hunter launching new mobile game

A Monster Hunter mobile game is being developed by TiMi Studio Group. Capcom claims it will reproduce the famous cat’n’mouse hunter gameplaying that defines the Monster Hunter series for portable devices. What form this will take is currently unknown, but TiMi has a wealth of experience developing mobile games that will aid them in this venture.

As one of the most prolific mobile game developers in the world, the company developed Call of Duty: Mobile and Pokemon Unite, fans of Monster Hunter will have high hopes.

Whether it directly adapts the third-person Monster Hunter formula, which requires players to track down and eliminate a variety of creatures. Or spins off into something completely different, whatever they’re cooking up with Capcom will probably be an intriguing prospect.

Although concrete information is still lacking, the game will reportedly be a “unique” mobile experience catering to both new and veterans of Monster Hunter. Although the release date is currently unknown, both Capcom and TiMi will be quick to reveal it when they are close to completing the game’s development.

Fortnite Is Ending Chapter 3 Prematurely With the Fracture Finale Event In December

It appears that Epic Games is terminating Fortnite’s current chapter quite early in its cycle, which has come as a piece of surprising news. If this is true, then we will immediately enter Chapter 4 when Chapter 3: Season 4 – Paradise concludes.

That bodes significant changes for the game. As the Fracture Finale Event takes place on December 3rd, many are confused about what is going to happen. For those unaware, let us remind you that former Chapters went on much longer. Chapter 1 ended with Season 10 finale, Chapter 2 clocking in 8 Seasons. And now Chapter 3 ends with 4 Seasons under its belt. Much less than in previous chapters.

Despite being a drop in the sea of battle royale games currently available, Fortnite has had a big influence. The game completely distinguishes itself from others in its genre thanks to a compelling narrative that ties everything together and features numerous recurring characters. With the arrival of The Visitor in Chapter 1 of Season 4, a number of storylines have developed that are still being explored today.

Maybe Epic is feeling pressure to reinvent the wheel? Maybe the player numbers are dipping and we simply don’t see the data? Or they simply just came up with a great way to mix up the gameplay that requires a significant rework of the game. We will see!

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