Mobile Gaming Roundup: 30-05 February 2023

Keep up to date with all the most important stories in Mobile Gaming with our Weekly Mobile Gaming Roundup. As usual, it has been another exciting week in the mobile gaming world and you can check out all the top stories below!

Pikmin Bloom Celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Special Event

Mobile Gaming News: Pikmin Bloom Celebrates Valentine's Day with a Special Event

Pikmin Bloom is commemorating the month of love and granting players access to the brand-new “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin. Players may take on the Valentine’s Day event objectives, which include things like planting 2,000 red-colored flowers, eradicating fungi, planting red plum blossoms and red camellias, and more, from February 6th through February 26th in an effort to get these “Present Sticker” gold seedlings.

Players may look forward to collecting a variety of “present sticker” Decor Pikmin during the Valentine’s Day event for Pikmin Bloom. On the other side, these gold seedlings will also be distributed as a prize for the weekly challenges. You may get additional “Present Sticker” Decor Pikmin by inviting your online friends to play the game.

Additionally, during the brief event, red mushrooms will grow at a higher frequency. To stay in line with this month’s theme, all of the postcards you uncover during the event will include a wonderful Valentine’s Day design.

Pokemon Go is also Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2023 with tons of Events

Mobile Gaming News Roundup: Pokemon Go is also Celebrating Valentine's Day 2023 with tons of Events

Now that the month of love has arrived, tons of videogames are celebrating with Valentine’s Day-themed events. Niantic is throwing a party for everyone in Pokemon Go, with a ton of new activities and Pokemon to capture.

The Valentine’s Day 2023 event for Pokemon Go will run from February 8 until February 14. Mega Gardevoir, who can be encountered in Mega Raids, makes its debut in the game. Players that successfully evolve Gardevoir during this event will receive a guaranteed Synchronize Charged Attack.

Additionally, a unique Timed Research named “Lovely Wishes” will be available through the event. It has a branching plot with several incentives, like more experience points and candy for catching Pokemon or a longer time for the Daily Adventure Incense. Both paths ultimately lead to the same destination: a chance to encounter Frillish.

Battlefield Mobile Canceled Ahead of its 2023 Release

Mobile Gaming News Roundup: Battlefield Mobile canceled ahead of its 2023 release

The popular FPS series Battlefield’s mobile adaptation, fittingly dubbed Battlefield Mobile, has been canceled. The game has not been publicly announced in any manner outside of a few closed beta test phases.

It appears like EA is shifting away from the mobile platform to concentrate on other things as they announced this together with the shutdown of the less than one-year-old Apex Mobile. Regardless, it’s a shame we never really had a chance to test this one out before it was scrapped.

The possibility of making Battlefield available on mobile devices sounded both lucrative and generally quite a nice idea for those of us without the means to play it on consoles or PC. Unfortunately, we won’t have that opportunity anytime soon, even though the beta testing seemed to be generally well received.

It’s never good news to learn that a highly anticipated release has been scrapped, especially when it’s done in tandem with the closure of one of the most well-liked mobile battle royale games. We can only truly hypothesize as to the precise cause of this awful news because it is difficult to determine.

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