F1 Clash Unleashes Legendary Drivers and Collection Milestones

The revving engines of F1 Clash are set to echo with the thunderous applause of motorsport fans and gamers as the latest update crashes onto the scene, introducing Legendary Drivers and an innovative feature called Collection Milestones. With these groundbreaking additions, players can delve deeper into the rich history of Formula 1 while redefining their racing strategy in the virtual arena.

The Legends of F1 Arrive in Style

F1 Clash Legendary Driver Jackie Stewart

One of the most anticipated features of this update is the grand arrival of Legendary Drivers that racing enthusiasts cannot afford to miss. Indeed, as part of the biggest driver update ever, icons of the sport are taking on legendary status in the game, offering players the chance to lead these racing legends to victory.

The roster of legendary drivers reads like a “Who’s Who” of Formula 1 history and this new feature is only just getting started with more iconic names expected to follow in 2024! For this update, the following Legendary Drivers have been added:

Alain Prost8690989482
David Coulthard4836404432
Emerson Fittipaldi6064727668
Felipe Massa
Mario Andretti3022263834
Michael Schumacher9896929094
Sir Jackie Stewart7280646876
Jacques Villeneuve6856646072

How to Collect and Unlock Legendary Drivers

Collecting Legendary Drivers in F1 Clash

Players can unlock the new F1 Clash Legendary Drivers by engaging in the newly introduced Collection Milestones reward track. As you upgrade your existing drivers, you’ll earn Collection Points that unlock Legendary Drivers. The more you upgrade your drivers, the more rewards and Legendary Drivers you can unlock, making them an integral part of your racing strategy.

While Legendary Drivers will reset with every season change, they’ll remain immortalized in your Hall of Fame, preserving their iconic status. They are available to use during participating Grand Prix Events and limited to specific Event Tiers which can be seen on each Legendary Driver card.

Collection Milestones: A New Path to Glory

The introduction of Collection Milestones allows players to receive rare and valuable rewards based on their in-game progress. Whether you’re collecting drivers or components, the Collection Milestones unlock as you make progress, providing rewards such as Coins, Bucks, Crates, Power-Ups, Boosts, and even Legendary Drivers.

This new system can be found in both the Drivers and Cars Assets screens, displaying the count of unclaimed rewards in the top right corner. As players collect and unlock more assets, they receive more Collection Milestones points, which lead to increasingly valuable rewards.

Further Updates and Bug Fixes

The latest F1 Clash update doesn’t stop at Legendary Drivers and Collection Milestones; it also introduces several changes and bug fixes to enhance the gaming experience.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit track has been updated to align with the 2023 F1 Season. Changes in the user interface include the removal of the ‘Global’ tab from the Leaderboard screen, the display of Weather Time Intervals on the Pre-Race setup screen, and improvements in the Grand Prix Event limitations screens. Lap counts for races in Series 1 and 2 have been reduced as part of the new player experience, and the minimum supported Android OS version has been raised to Android 9.

Bug fixes address issues related to gameplay, including the Coin Surge Power-Up, incorrect results at the end of Qualifying Round 1, and cars overtaking the Safety Car. The user interface has also seen fixes related to Pit Pass Featured Assets, Spanish language leaderboards, Pit Pass Claim Rewards button text, and Grand Prix Event Round timers.

Other improvements aim to restore notifications on some devices, address log-in issues with Facebook accounts, and ensure that the Express Access Power-Up applies to Crate timers when received from the Spinner.

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