Hearthstone Patch 28.0: Showdown in the Badlands

Hearthstone, one of our favorite Mobile Card Games, has just seen its highly-anticipated expansion, Showdown in the Badlands, land. Packed with 145 new cards, including Legendary outlaws, and introducing the Quickdraw and Excavate keywords, this expansion promises a thrilling adventure. So, don’t waste any time, and check out all the key details here!

Anomalies Contained and Card Adjustments

Yogg-Saron’s chaos has been contained, with Anomalies now appearing only when both players have Cho-Gall, Twilight Chieftain in their decks. Additionally, the Stitched Giant undergoes a change, replacing Double Unholy Runes with a Single Unholy Rune.

Catch-Up Packs and In-game Event

New Hearthsstone Decks

Catch-Up Packs, a new pack type introduced at BlizzCon, makes its debut. Log in after Patch 28.0 for two free Catch-Up Packs. These packs are also included in the Showdown in the Badlands Pre-Purchase Bundles. Plus, get ready for the “Wanted: Dead or Alive” in-game event, starting November 20, where you can chase down outlaws for special rewards.

Duels Season and Bucket System Update

New Hearthstone Events

The last Duels season concluded on November 7, with Showdown in the Badlands landing on November 14. The Bucket System has been overhauled and sees adventure card sets rolled into expansion sets. Several cards are now banned, and Sr. Navigator received a rework so that he now heals a random friendly minion for 3 health after you target him with a spell that costs 2 or more. The banned cards are as follows:

  • Arcane Amplifier
  • Embiggen
  • The Amazing Reno
  • Goru the Mightree
  • Nozdormu the Timeless
  • All 5 forms of Galakrond
  • Waxadred
  • Flik Skyshiv
  • Maw and Paw
  • Rheastrasza
  • Theldurin the Lost
  • Tae’Thalan Bloodwatcher
  • Spirit of the Badlands
  • Reno, Lone Ranger

Arena and Twist Updates

A new Arena season begins with Patch 28.0, featuring a rotating set pool, including Core and Showdown in the Badlands. The Arena draft structure sees a significant change, guaranteeing a Legendary card as the first pick. Twist brings Journey to Un’Goro for the November season, with temporary suspensions in December and January.

New Legendary Outlaws and Keywords

New Hearthstone Legendary cards

The expansion introduces Legendary outlaws for each class, featuring powerful effects when your deck has no duplicates. Moreover, two new keywords also make their debut.


Excavate cards add Excavated Treasures to your hand, offering a sequence of escalating rewards with each excavation. Expert mining classes can even reach a fourth level of Treasures for a class-specific, powerful Legendary.


In the Badlands, speed matters. Cards with the Quickdraw mechanic grant special bonuses the turn they are drawn, emphasizing the importance of quick decision-making.

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