Xena: Warrior Princess Arrives in Raid: Shadow Legends

Welcome, Raid enthusiasts! Get ready to meet a legendary champion who’s set to dominate the battlefield. Introducing Xena: Warrior Princess, a fabled 90s warrior making her mark in Raid: Shadow Legends through the all-new Champion Pass feature. Now, let’s delve into Xena’s skills, strategy, and how you can add this formidable force to your team.

Xena’s Skills: Unleashing Justice on the Battlefield

Xena: Warrior Princess Arrives in Raid: Shadow Legends

Xena: Warrior Princess joins the Barbarians Faction as a Legendary Attack Force Champion. Armed with her trusty sword, whip, and iconic shot drum, let’s explore her skills and see how she crushes her enemies.

Sword of Redemption

Xena’s first skill, Sword of Redemption, allows her to attack one enemy two times, ignoring 3% of their defense for each buff they have. If the target has two or more buffs or debuffs, Xena ignores shields. Justice is served without compromise!

Chakram Cyclone

Xena’s second skill, Chakram Cyclone, is an AoE attack that ignores a portion of the enemy’s defense (5% per buff). Not only does this skill deal widespread damage, but it also steals 20% of each enemy’s turn meter. A true storm of pain awaits her adversaries.

Whip of Destiny

Xena’s third skill, Whip of Destiny, delivers a sting to all enemies with an AoE attack. Ignoring a substantial 10% of each enemy’s defense for every buff on them, this skill’s cooldown resets if it kills two or more enemies. Time it right for a devastating one-two punch!

For the Greater Good (Passive)

Xena’s passive skill, For the Greater Good, increases her attack by 10% every time she uses an active skill, stacking up to 100%. Additionally, there’s a 50% chance to change weak hits into normal, strong, or critical hits. This chance increases to 100% when attacking a target with two or more buffs or debuffs.


Xena’s legendary warrior prowess extends to her Aura, where she increases all allies’ attack stat in the arena by an impressive 33%. Now that we’ve covered her skills, let’s delve into the best strategies to unleash her full potential.

Strategy: Dominating the Arena and PvE

With two powerful AoE attacks and the ability to ignore defenses, Xena excels against buff-heavy teams in the Arena. However, don’t underestimate her prowess in PvE content. Her increased attack from For the Greater Good makes her formidable in long boss battles. Equip her with gear focused on attack speed, critical rate, and critical damage, ensuring she has enough accuracy for her turn-meter steals.

How to Get Xena: Warrior Princess

How to Get Xena: Warrior Princess in Raid: Shadow Legends

With the new Raid: Shadow Legends Champion Pass, players will get the chance to recruit Xena: Warrior Princess through regular gameplay. There are two versions: a free Basic Champion Pass and an Elite Champion Pass, available through a one-time purchase.

Champion Pass Rewards

  • Basic Champion Pass: Complete daily challenges to earn rewards, culminating in a sacred shard.
  • Elite Champion Pass: Obtain Xena by completing the pass, along with all rewards from the Basic Champion Pass.

The inaugural edition of the Champion Pass begins on November 10 and concludes on February 4, 2024. While the Basic Champion Pass is accessible to all players, the Elite Champion Pass must be acquired before January 5. Once obtained, you have until February 4 to complete the Champion Pass and secure Xena: Warrior Princess in your champion roster.

Summon Boosts: Another Path to Xena

The Elite Champion Pass offers the only way to guarantee yourself Xena: Warrior Prince Raid but there are also several summon boost events that will increase your chance of pulling her. Indeed, on specific days, you’ll have the chance to summon Xena from ancient or sacred shards, depending on the active boost.

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