Pokémon GO Fashion Week 2023: Shiny and Stylish Surprises!

Trainers, get ready to witness a Pokémon fashion spectacle like never before! Pokémon GO is rolling out the virtual red carpet for Fashion Week 2023, and it’s not just about catching ’em all—it’s about catching them in style. From November 15 to November 19, prepare for a dazzling display of Shiny Pokémon, costumed critters, and exclusive encounters.

Dazzling Debuts: Shiny Surprises and Costume Capers

Exclusive Stylish Pokémon in Fashion Week 2023

Step into the limelight, Shiny Gothita! This elusive variant is making its grand entrance, ready to steal the show. But the style doesn’t end there—Dragonite and Wooper are suiting up in some seriously snazzy costumes, and even Quagsire is getting a fashion upgrade. It’s a Pokémon fashion fiesta!

Fashion Week Bonuses and Exclusive Research

Fashion Week is not just about flair; it’s about rewards too! Enjoy 2× Candy for every Pokémon catch, with an increased chance for Trainers level 31 and up to snag Candy XL. For those craving an extra dose of exclusivity, a Fashion Week–themed Timed Research is available for $2, offering encounters with costumed Pokémon and two Premium Battle Passes.

Wild Encounters: Pokémon Strut Their Stuff

Pokémon Go Summer Pikachuu returns in fashion week 2023

Fashion Week brings a wild assortment of Pokémon to your encounters. Pikachu is flaunting some summer vibes, while Diglett and Croagunk have donned their most fashionable costumes. Furfrou, Mareanie, and more are ready to showcase their unique looks. And if luck is on your side, you might just stumble upon a Shiny variant! In all, the following Pokémon will be available from wild encounters:

  • Pikachu with a summer flair
  • Diglett wearing a fashionable costume
  • Wooper wearing a fashionable costume
  • Croagunk wearing a fashionable costume
  • Gothita
  • Frillish
  • Furfrou
  • Mareanie
  • Absol wearing a fashionable costume
  • Frillish

Raid Runway: Stylish Pokémon Take Center Stage

Raid battles become a stylish runway during Fashion Week, featuring one-star and three-star raids. From Diglett and Wooper to Dragonite and Kirlia, each battle is a showcase of Pokémon fashion. Keep your eyes peeled for Shiny surprises—luck might just be your best accessory!

1-Star Raids

  • Diglett wearing a fashionable costume
  • Wooper wearing a fashionable costume
  • Sneasel wearing a fashionable costume
  • Furfrou

3-Star Raids

  • Butterfree wearing a fashionable costume
  • Kirlia wearing a fashionable costume
  • Dragonite wearing a fashionable costume
  • Absol wearing a fashionable costume

Eggstravagant Hatches: 5 km Eggs Get a Makeover

Eggs are getting a fashionable makeover during Fashion Week. From Summer Style Pichu to Wooper strutting its stuff in a costume, the hatches are as stylish as they come. Gothita, hatching from Eggs, has an even greater chance of sporting a Shiny look. In all, you have a chance to get the following Pokémon from 5km eggs:

  • Pichu with summer flair
  • Wooper wearing a fashionable costume
  • Smoochum wearing a fashionable costume
  • Shinx wearing a fashionable costume
  • Gothita

Field Research Fête: Tasks and Encounters

Complete Fashion Week–themed Field Research tasks for encounters with Butterfree, Diglett, Wooper, Kirlia, Shinx, and Blitzle—all dressed to impress. Shiny variants might just be the unexpected twist you’ve been waiting for!

Collection Challenge: Strut Your Stuff for Rewards

Take on the Fashion Week–themed Collection Challenge to earn an encounter with Dragonite wearing a fashionable costume, along with XP and Stardust. And if luck is on your side, a Shiny surprise might be the star of the show!

Avatar Upgrade: Dress to Impress

Pokémon Go Fashion Week 2023 Outfits

Give your avatar a style upgrade with the new items available during Fashion Week. From Gothitelle and Reuniclus-themed outfits to a trendy Hooded Denim Jacket, your trainer will be the talk of the town.

PokéStop Showcases and Party Play

Keep an eye out for PokéStop Showcases featuring Gothita and Mareanie during Fashion Week. And why not celebrate in style? Wear your favorite avatar outfits while partying with friends to truly immerse yourself in the Fashion Week festivities.

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