Watcher of Realms Launches Guild War 2.0 and New Hero Falcia

Grab your gear and get ready for some exciting updates in Watcher of Realms. In particular, Moonton, the creative minds behind Watcher of the Realms, are rolling out Guild War 2.0, introducing the enigmatic hero, Falcia, and launching the Crawling Dark Events. The fun begins with the Crawling Dark Event on November 10th, before Guild War 2.0 lands on November 13th, so mark your calendars!

Guild War 2.0 – Real-Time Battles Galore!

Watcher of Realms Guild War 2.0

Prepare for the latest and greatest, Watcher of Realms Guild War 2.0, arriving on November 13th. Wondering what’s in store? It’s going to be a blast! Guild War 2.0 is all about making battles more enjoyable. This time around, you can dive into real-time battles, allowing you to deploy your Demon Soldiers right when you need them. There will also be more Demon Soldiers introduced with more ways to obtain them.

In addition, Guild War 2.0 is also giving seasons a facelift, extending them to eight weeks. That means more action and more rewards! Each week of the season brings a new challenge with a Preparation Phase, Battle Phase, and Ranking Calculation Phase. It’s time to show your skills and earn those bragging rights! The schedule will be as follows:

PreparationSignup is open on Monday and Tuesday. Leaders can manage garrisoned fortifications on Tuesday.
BattlePlayers will be ranked every Sunday for rewards for weekly and end-of-season rewards.
RankingPlayers will be ranked every Sunday for rewards for weekly and end of season rewards.

Guild War 2.0 is available to commanders who have cleared Campaign H5-14 and are in a Guild that is at least level 4 and will launch on November 13th. Take part and you can win both weekly rewards and a final Season reward based on your overall rank.

The Crawling Dark Events – Meet Falcia and Bag Awesome Rewards

Watcher of Realms New Hero Falcia

Hold on to your hats because The Crawling Dark Events are rolling out on November 10th, running until November 16th. During these events, commanders will be facing new stages where they can try out the game’s fresh face, Falcia. Falcia is a legendary hero making her debut from the North Throne. To summon her, join the Dark Invocations from 11/10/2023 to 11/14/2023.

While battling through the event stages, you’ll be collecting Sigils of Yore. These rare Sigils can be exchanged for some fantastic rewards. During the event stages, you’ll need to protect an NPC so as not to trigger severe debuffs. Bosses have AoE skills with high DEF and M. RES. Use Falcia, Nocturne, and Silas to tackle these stages effectively.

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