Grand Cross: Age of Titans – A Fullmetal Collaboration!

Buckle up, gamers! Netmarble, the wizards behind your favorite mobile titles, are back in action. This time, they’re pulling an epic crossover straight from the world of “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood” and chucking it into Grand Cross: Age of Titans. It’s like turning lead into gold, but with more explosions!

New Heroes from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Grand Cross: Age of Titans - Edward Elric

Starting today, Grand Cross introduces a stellar cast of characters from the beloved TV anime series, “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.” The heroes you can now play include:

  • Edward Elric: The “Shorty” with a heart of gold and a metal arm. When he’s not having existential crises, he’s defending like a champ and healing wounded troops with his innate talent. He can also inflict damage equal to a percentage of his attack on a single enemy troop.
  • Roy Mustang: This fiery cavalryman is all about turning up the heat. With his “Ignition” skill, he roasts multiple enemies like they’re marshmallows at a bonfire. Get ready for some tasty battles!
  • Riza Hawkeye: As a legendary archer hero, Riza inflicts damage on a single enemy troop and decreases their HP over time. She’s a master of accuracy, often delivering additional attacks during her turn.
  • Lust: A legendary combine hero with the ultimate spear that inflicts massive damage on a single enemy troop. She excels in dealing counter damage and increasing troop attack.
  • Envy: A legendary combat engineer who specializes in siege tactics. Envy can transform into a powerful attacker, inflicting damage on a single enemy troop.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. You also get to control a new Titan, Alphonse Elric, in battle. This uncommon infantry type Titan is as tough as they come and adds a hefty dose of strategy to the battlefield. He also joins Grand Cross: Age of Titans straight from the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood universe.

Epic Boss Battles and Collaboration Chapter Missions

Grand Cross: Age of Titans - A Fullmetal Collaboration!

Prepare for intense battles as you take on Gluttony, the giant boss, during the Collaboration Demon Extermination. Additionally, you can challenge Lust and Envy in the Homunculus Summon Battle. These battles offer exciting rewards like Homunculus Seals, which can be used in Riza Hawkeye’s Firearm Training.

For those who love a good story, the TV animation series “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood” collides with the world of Grand Cross in special Collaboration Chapter Missions. Immerse yourself in the narrative as you complete these missions and earn exclusive rewards.

Exciting New Events

To celebrate this incredible collaboration, Grand Cross offers two exciting new events:

  • Edward Elric’s Adventure: Earn Edward Elric and Edward Elric Manastones simply by checking in to the game.
  • Riza Hawkeye’s Firearm Training: Bingo, anyone? Get ready to mark off some boxes while earning Manastones for Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Lust, and Envy. It’s like a game of chance but without the casino lights.

Titan Power: Meet Strama!

Grand Cross: Age of Titans - Strama

That’s not all – another new Titan, Strama, is also introduced. With his “Last Strike” skill, he charges into the fray, causing damage to multiple enemy troops in a straight line. This guy knows how to make an entrance!

Troop TypeCavalry
Max HP (Default HP)225,000 (50,000)
Marching Speed600
ATK / DEF / HP189 / 84 / 202
Skill (Active)[Last Strike] The Titan charges energy, then charges with a spear to inflict damage equal to 300% of ATK to 5 enemy troops in a straight line. (War-Crazed is applied when the skill is used on an enemy.) * Cooldown: 25m

Special Troop Training and Tier Upgrade

The game now features Archer Special Soldier Workshop and Combat Engineer Special Soldier Workshop buildings. These workshops allow you to convert your Archers and Combat Engineer soldiers into Special Troops, adding a new level of depth to your strategy. You can also upgrade Tier 4 Special Troops to Tier 5, giving you even more powerful units to command.

Special Collaboration Season Pass

Get access to the TV Animation Series “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood” Collaboration Season Pass. By completing weekly and season missions, you can level up your pass and receive incredible rewards. Don’t miss this chance to get some sweet loot!

Quality of Life Improvements

The Grand Cross team has been hard at work improving your gaming experience. From tie-breaker rules to Titan navigation and troop marching, it’s all designed to make your life easier. They’ve got your back!

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