Clash Royale Introduces the Little Prince and a New Evolution

The Clash Royale battlefield is about to witness some epic changes as the Little Prince, Big Trouble season storms in with a royal bang! This sensational season introduces a brand-new Champion, Card Evolution, a stunning Arena, and more, promising Clash Royale players a fresh wave of excitement and challenges.

Meet the New Champion: Little Prince

New Clash Royale Champion - Little Prince

The spotlight of this electrifying season is the game’s first-ever Champion duo, Little Prince and his faithful guardian. Combining both ranged and melee damage to shake up the arena, Little Prince wields a unique repeating crossbow that delivers rapid-fire shots – but there’s a twist. The crossbow only fires at lightning speed when Little Prince remains still. As you’d expect, this makes him vulnerable to attacks like The Log or a well-timed Zap. So, strategy and positioning are the name of the game when it comes to using Little Prince.

But that’s not all! Little Prince possesses a special Champion ability – the “Royal Rescue.” In a time of need, Little Prince can call upon his bodyguard, Guardian, who rushes to his side, dealing damage and pushing back enemies in their immediate vicinity. It’s a game-changer that can turn the tide of any battle in your favor and costs just 3 Elixir to use.

Now, here’s the best part – for the very first time, Clash Royale is giving away their latest Champion for free! Little Prince is available to all players in Arena 11 and above during this season, but make sure to grab him while you can, as it’s for a limited time only.

To make it even more enticing, there’s a Little Prince icon on your home screen throughout Clash Royale’s November season, giving you quick access to the latest Champion. Plus, you’ll find three tutorial quests waiting to help you master the art of mischief-making. Complete all three quests, and you’ll earn yourself a cool Battle Banner decoration as a reward. What’s not to love?

Archers Card Evolution: A Stylish Upgrade

New clash Royale Card Evolution - Archers

Clash Royale fans, get ready to witness an Evolution in style as the Archers flaunt a fresh look, complete with a new hairstyle and, more importantly, a brand-new bow. With these upgrades, Archers now have the power to fire Power Shots that deal double damage within a certain range. It’s a game-changer for Archers, and you can unlock their evolved form by participating in the November Diamond Pass. This Evolution is guaranteed to shake up the meta!

Party in the New Arena: The 10-Elixir Tavern

For all you Troops looking to kick back and relax after a hard day of intense arena battles, Clash Royale is introducing the 10-Elixir Tavern Arena. This fantastic new arena featured in the Little Prince cinematic is the perfect hangout for Troops who enjoy a good Elixir pint and some karaoke. It’s the ultimate arena for a good time, providing players with a change of scenery and a whole new vibe to enjoy during their battles.

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