Fishing Clash Power Ups Guide

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In Fishing Clash, using Power Ups is vital to progressing and competing in PvP. Follow this Fishing Clash Power Ups Guide for all the information you need on these important items. For more Fishing Clash Tips, check out our Fishing Clash Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

All the Fishing Clash Power Ups

Power UpDescriptionEffect
WeightUse it to catch a heavier fishWeight +15%
ChanceUse it to boost your chance of catching a specific fishCatch Chance +100%
SpeedUse it to boost the speed of fishingSpeed +50%
LuckUse it to boost your chance of catching a bigger fishLuck +100%
SonarSee the fish before you hook themFish species and weight visibility
Multi-hookDouble catch any fish encounteredDouble catch +100%

How to Use Fishing Clash Power Ups

Power Ups are easily used. You can either select or de-select them during or before you start fishing. You will see an image of all available Power Ups on the main screen. Simply tapping the Power Up will activate it. If the Power Up is highlighted, then you know it is active. It is easily deactivated by tapping the Power Up icon once more. The number below the icon is the number of each Power Up you have remaining.

How to use Fishing Clash Power Ups

You can have any number of Power Ups active at the same time. Please note that when using the Multi-hook Power Up, you will use double the Power Ups for any others that are activated.

When to use Power Ups

Power Ups can be used whenever you want. However, it should be noted that they can all be used up very quickly. It is therefore wise to choose your spots carefully. For example, in a difficult PvP duel, during a particularly difficult Event or when an Event specifically challenges you to use many Power Ups.

How to get Fishing Clash Power Ups

Fishing Clash Shop


The daily event in Fishing Clash will often have Power Ups as rewards. Complete the objectives within the event to obtain these.

Wheel of Fortune

Power Ups can also be obtained from the Wheel of Fortune. You get one free spin a day, but can buy additional spins for 60 Pearls each.


You can also purchase Power Ups directly from the Fishing Clash Shop. Simply navigate to the Shop and use your Pearls to purchase the Power Ups you want. However, it is advised to obtain Power Ups from events. Pearls are better spent on upgrading your Fishery Licenses.

Power UpQuantityCost
WeightWeight x5030 Pearls
ChanceChance x5030 Pearls
SpeedSpeed x5030 Pearls
SonarSonar x2550 Pearls
LuckLuck x3030 Pearls
Multi-HookMulti-Hook x3030 Pearls
Small Power Up PackWeight x30
Chance x30
Speed x30
Sonar x30
Luck x30
Multi-Hook x15
160 Pearls
Medium Power Up PackWeight x100
Chance x100
Speed x100
Sonar x100
Luck x100
Multi-Hook x50
500 Pearls
Large Power Up PackWeight x250
Chance x250
Speed x250
Sonar x250
Luck x250
Multi-Hook x125
1,200 Pearls

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