Fishing Clash Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Fishing Clash Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Fishing Class is developed by Polish company Ten Square Games and was released in 2017. It is a great game for people who like a bit of fishing or even those just searching for a more relaxed game. It is surprsingly peacful sitting with your rod at the different location trying to catch the biggest and rarest fish. However, on first entering Fishing Clash, players can find that there is a lot going on. Follow these Fishing Clash Tips and Tricks for Beginners to get to grips with this game much quicker.

Fishing Clash Tips and Tricks

Start Slow

Fishing Clash New Fishery Tips

A big mistake new players to Fishing Clash make is increasing their level too quickly. As you hit certain level goals, new Fisheries become available to you. This is fun to see but creates two problems. First, each new Fishery starts with a new event. Having too many open at the same time will make it hard for you to complete all the events in time and maximise rewards. Secondly, opened Lure Packs will contain fish for all the Fisheries you have opened. If you open many Fisheries at the start, then it will be hard to build up a good stock of Fish Lures in each Fishery. This will make Duels difficult for you. You can avoid increasing your level too far by limiting the number of fish you level.

Optimise your Fishery License

When you open a new Fishery, you will be awarded a level 1 License for that Fishery. You should upgrade this to a Pro License for a cost of 400 Pearls. This will give a large boost to the fish you catch there. It will also allow you to add additional buffs to your License each time you increase its level. You should re-draw these License buffs each time a new one is added. Doing so will ensure you get a much better buff. This will also cost Pearls, but it is well worth it in the long run. You can view your Fishery Licenses by selecting the “Gear” icon and then navigating to the Licenses tab.

Redeem Gift Codes

Fishing Clash Gift Codes

The Fishing Clash developers are quite generous with the number of gift codes they give out. These can be redeemed, in-game, in exchange for rare Fish Lures, Pearls and Power-Ups. They are normally announced on the official Fishing Clash Facebook page, so ensure you check here regularly for the latest codes. Gift codes can be redeemed by selecting the “Options” menu and then navigating to the “Gift Codes” button.

Take Part in Duels

Duels are the main PvP game mode in Fishing Clash. It matches you against a similarly ranked player and you do battle to catch the 2 heaviest fish. These are important to take part in as you will earn coins, which are used to upgrade Fishing Lures, and Lure Packs, which contain additional Fishing Lures which can be used in upgrades. The higher your Duel rank, the greater the rewards you will receive.

Complete Events

Fishing Clash Events

Events are one of the best ways to gain more Lures, Power-Ups, Coins, Skill Tokens and Pearls for free. They occur daily and whenever you open up a new Fishery. It is a good idea to focus on these whenever they open and try to get as far as you can. Most events will give you some legendary Fish Lures if you complete them all the way to the end. This is one of the most important things to remember in this list of Fishing Clash Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

Get a Portable Cell Charger

Fishing Clash is a great game but will use a lot of your Cell Phone’s battery. Getting a portable charger will ensure this is no longer a problem. Check out our list of the Best Cell Phone Power Banks for Gaming.

Use Power-Ups Wisely

Fishing Clash Power-Up Tips for Beginners

In Fishing Clash there are 6 main types of Power-Ups. These include Sonar for scanning for specific fish; Speed for increasing the speed of catching fish; Catch Chance for guaranteeing an encounter with the fish for the Fish Lure you are using; and Weight for increasing the weight of encountered fish. However, if you used these each time you fished, you would run out of Power-Ups very quickly. It is best to only use them when they are really needed. For example, to give you the edge in Duels or for particularly hard goals during events. Check out our Fishing Clash Power Ups Guide for all the details you need.

Don’t Waste Pearls

Pearls are very hard to come by unless you are willing to spend lots of money on the game. The best way to get free Pearls is by completing events and opening Lure Packs. As they are difficult to accumulate, do not waste them. Save Pearls for upgrading your Fishery Licenses.

Join an Active Clan


Joining an active Clan is one of the best ways to ensure you get the most out of Fishing Clash. In a Clan you can meet other players and help each other out. This includes getting access to Clan Lure Packs and also being able to gift Lures to other players in the Clan. For example, if you are really struggling over a Lure, another clan member can send this to you from their collection.

Always Open Lure Packs

Lure Packs take some time to open. The higher quality a pack is, the longer it will take. They are quite easy to obtain, with the best source coming from winning duels. As these will open in the background, even when you are not playing, it is a good idea to always have one in progress. Also make sure you are never sitting with no packs to open. Follow this Fishing Clash Tip for Beginners and you will quickly build up your number of high-quality fishing lures.

Remember to Improve your Skills

Skill Tree

In Fishing Clash, the Skill Tree is vitally important. Despite this, it is an often-overlooked component of the game. It can be found by selecting the “Gear” menu and then navigating to the “Skills” tab. You are required to collect Skill Tokens to upgrade the Skill Tree. Skill Tokens can be obtained from the Shop for Coins and Pearls or also as rewards during certain Events. Each Fishery has its own Skill Tree. Make focusing on the Skill Tree one of your priorities in this list of Fishing Clash Tips and Tricks for Beginners. Read our Fishing Clash Skill Tree Guide for more information.

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