Fishing Clash Skill Tree Guide

Fishing Clash Skill Tree

The Fishing Clash Skill Tree is often overlooked by new players to the game. However, it is vitally important for PvP and improving the quality of fish you catch. In this Fishing Clash Skill Tree Guide, we show you how to utilise skills and how to accumulate Fishing Clash Skill Tree Tokens.

Fishing Clash Skill Tree Guide

Finding the Fishing Clash Skill Tree

Fishing Clash Skill Tree Guide

The Skill Tree can be a little difficult to locate. It is found by selecting the “Gear” menu button and then navigating to the “Skills” tab. Each Fishery that you have unlocked has its own Skill Tree found in this location.

What Fishing Clash Skills can be Learned

Although each Fishery has its own Skill Tree, the Skills which can be learned are very similar across them all. The first Skill that can be learned is always a Coin Boost for each fish caught. Once this is unlocked you move onto a common tier of skills. This tier includes a Heavier Fish Skill for common fish and several individual common fish weight boost skills. When you have unlocked the Common Heavier Fish Skill, you then unlock the rare tier of the Skill Tree. This rare tier follows the same pattern as the common Skill Tree. This continues for Epic, Mythical and Legendary tiers. There are a total of 37 Skills across each Skill Tree. Each Skill can be upgraded between 3 and 5 times. A summary of all unlockable skills can be seen below:

CoinsIncrease coins for each catch5
LuckImprove chance to catch bigger fish5
Heavier FishIncrease weight of every fish caught3
Individual FishIncrease weight of specific fish caught5
SonarImprove precision of sonar power up5
Instant Catch ChanceImprove chance of instant catch triggering4
Instant Catch LimitIncrease number of allowed instant catches4
Maximum Combo ChanceImprove chance of instant max combo triggering3
ComboImprove combo score bonus5
TokensIncrease skills gained from different sources3
Competition BonusIncrease weight of all fish caught in competitions3

Cost of Learning Fishing Clash Skills

The cost of unlocking Skills is also the same across Fishery Skill Trees. Moving down the Skill Tree and into higher tiers will increase the cost of each skill. Additionally, each time you upgrade the same skill the cost will increase.

Obtaining Fishing Clash Skill Tree Tokens


Skill Tree Tokens in the Shop

The easiest way to get Skill Tokens is by buying them in the Shop. They can be purchased directly for Pearls or Coins. They can also be found in packs. The type of Fishery Skill Token obtainable in the Shop will change regularly so it is worth checking this daily.


Fishing Clash Events are the best place to get free Skill Tree Tokens. Always check the daily event rewards and target those events which have the Skill Tree Tokens that you desire.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

The Fishing Clash Wheel of Fortune is another place to find Skill Tree Tokens. You get one free spin a day and you can purchase additional spins in exchange for Pearls.

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