Raid Shadow Legends Artifact and Accessories Guide

Raid Shadow Legends Artifact and Accessories Guide

Having the right Artifacts and Accessories for your Champions is vital for progressing in the game. Read this Raid Shadow Legends Artifact and Accessories Guide for everything you need to know about Sets, Upgrading, Enchanting and Forging Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts and Accessories.


Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Guide

Artifact Types and Stats

Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Type

There are 6 different types of Artifacts that Champions can wear. However, they can only wear one of each type. Each Artifact also has a primary bonus stat boost which depends on the type of Artifact it is. Additionally, upgrading Artifacts can add up to 4 additional bonus Substats. A full list of Artifact types and their primary stat boosts can be seen below. Substats can be any of the Primary Stats found in the table below, regardless of Artifact type.

Artifact TypePrimary Bonus Stat
GauntletsDefense %, HP %, Crit Rate %, Crit Damage %, Attack %, Attack, HP or Defense
ChestplateDefense %, HP %, Attack %, Attack, HP, Defense, Accuracy or Resistance
BootsDefense %, HP %, Attack %, Attack, HP, Defense or Speed

Depending on the Champion build you are going for, it is important to farm for the optimal Primary Stat on your Gauntlets, Chestplate and Boots.


Upgrading Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts

Upgrading Raid Artifacts

Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts start at level 0 and can be upgraded to level 16. Artifacts are upgraded by selecting the Artifact and clicking “Upgrade”. Each time an Artifact is upgraded, the Primary Stat will be improved. Additionally, when levels 4, 8, 12 and 16 are hit, the Artifact will gain a Substat or have a current one improved if it already has its max of 4 Substats. It costs Coins to upgrade Artifacts. This cost increases as the Artifact’s level increases. Additionally, the chance that a level upgrade will be successful also decreases as the level increases. The chance of a successful Artifact upgrade can be seen below:

Artifact LevelChance of Success
1 – 4Certain
5 – 7High
8 – 10Medium
11 – 13Low
14 – 16Minimal

Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Rarity

Raid Artifact Rarity

Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts come in 5 different rarity types. The higher the rarity, the higher the number of Substats the Artifact will start with. All Artifacts will have 4 Substats when fully upgraded to level 16. However, if they already start with Substats before you commence upgrading, then you can improve these Substats even further. Artifact Substats will be added / improved when upgraded to levels 4, 8, 12 and 16. Artifact rarity and starting Substats are shown below:

ColorRarityStarting Substats

Artifact Rank

Artifacts can be ranked from 1 to 6 Stars. The higher the number of stars, the higher the Primary Stats and Substats of the Artifact will be. As a result, it is often better to have a 6 Star Uncommon Artifact than a 1 Star Legendary Artifact. An Artifact’s rank cannot be upgraded.

Artifact Sets

Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Sets

All Artifacts you obtain are categorised within a set. If your Champion wears enough Artifacts from a certain set, then they gain an additional boost. A full list of all available Artifact Sets can be seen below, along with the number of Artifacts required to complete the Set and resulting boost from wearing a complete Artifact Set. These range from applying a base stat boost to attaching a debuff to enemy Champions.

Set NameArtifactsComplete Set
Life2HP +15%
Offense2Attack +15%
Defense2Defense +15%
Speed2Speed +15%
Critical Rate2Critical Rate +12%
Critical Damage2Critical Damage +20%
Accuracy2Accuracy +40
Resistance2Resistance +40
Lifesteal4Heals by 30% of damage dealt
Fury4Damage increases as HP decreases
Daze425% chance to place sleep debuff
Cursed475% chance to place 50% heal reduction debuff
Frost420% chance to place freeze debuff on attacker
Frenzy410% turn meter for every 5% HP lost
Regeneration4Heals by 15% every turn
Immunity4Immunity for 2 turns
Shield4+30% HP ally shield for 3 turns
Relentless418% chance to get extra turn
Destroy4Decrease enemy max HP by 40% of damage dealt
Stun418% chance to place stun debuff
Toxic475% chance to place 2.5% poinson debuff
Taunting430% chance to place provoke debuff
Retaliation435% chance to counterattack when hit
Avenging445% chance to counterattack when hit with a critical hit
Stalwart4-30% damge from enemy AoE attacks
Reflex440% chance to reduce random skill cooldown
Curing420% bonus healing
Savage4Ignores 25% of enemy defense
Cruel2Attack +15% & ignores 5% of enemy defense
Immortal2HP +15% & heals by 3% every turn
Divine Offense2Attack +15% & +15% HP self shield for 3 turns
Divine Critical Rate2Critical rate +12% & +15% HP self shield for 3 turns
Divine Life2HP +15% & +15% HP self shield for 3 turns
Divine Speed2Speed +15% & +15% HP self shield for 3 turns
Swift Parry4Speed +15%, Critical Damage +30% & 50% chance of Unkillable after fatal hit
Deflection4HP +20%, Defense +20% & 25% chance to deflect debuff to attacker
Resilience2HP +10% & Defense +10%
Perception2Accuracy +40 & Speed +5%
Affinitybreaker4Critical Damage +30% & 20% chance to change weak hit to critical
Untouchable4Resistance +40 & immunity for 2 turns
Fatal2Attack +15% & Critical Rate +5%
Frostbite215% chance to block freeze & 10% chance to place freeze on attacker
Bloodthirst4Critical Rate +12% & heal by 30% of damage dealt
Guardian4Absorb 10% of all damage dealt to allies & heal 10% each turn
Fortitude2Resistance +40 & Defense +10%
Lethal4Critical Rate +10% & ignore 25% of enemy defense

Raid Shadow Legends Artifact Locations

Artifact Locations

Below are the locations that you can find all the Raid Shadow Legends Artifact sets.

Set NameLocation
LifeCampaing 1, Ice Golem’s Peak
OffenseCampaign 2, Ice Golem’s Peak
DefenseCampaign 3, Ice Golem’s Peak
SpeedCampaign 6, Dragon’s Lair
Critical RateCampaign 4, Ice Golem’s Peak
Critical DamageFire Knight’s Castle
AccuracyCampaign 5, Dragon’s Lair
ResistanceCampaign 7, Ice Golem’s Peak
LifestealCampaign 8, Dragon’s Lair
FuryCampaign 11, Fire Knight’s Castle
DazeDragon’s Lair
CursedIce Golem’s Peak
FrostDragon’s Lair
FrenzyFire Knight’s Castle
RegenerationFire Knight’s Castle
ImmunityFire Knight’s Castle
ShieldFire Knight’s Castle
DestroyCampaign 9, Dragon’s Lair
StunFire Knight’s Castle
ToxicDragon’s Lair
TauntingIce Golem’s Peak
RetaliationCampaign 10, Ice Golem’s Peak
AvengingDragon’s Lair
StalwartDragon’s Lair
ReflexIce Golem’s Peak
CuringCampaign 12, Fire Knight’s Castle
SavageFire Knight’s Castle
CruelClan Boss
ImmortalClan Boss
Divine OffenseArena
Divine Critical RateArena
Divine LifeArena
Divine SpeedArena
Swift ParryForge

Enchanting Artifacts


Artifact enchanting allows you to improve the Substats of your Artifacts. You need to collect Glyphs from the Faction Wars in order to be able to enchant an Artifact. Glyphs can have a Star Rank of between 1 and 6. To enchant an Artifact, the Glyph must have the same stat as one of your Artifacts Substats and must also not be of a higher rank than the Artifact. The higher the rank of a Glyph, the further it will boost the Artifact’s Substat. There are 9 different types of Glyphs that can boost Substats. These can be seen below:

HealthHP substat increased
VitalityHP % substat increased
AttackAttack substat increased
StrikeAttack % substat increased
DefenseDefense substat increased
EnduranceDefense % substat increased
HasteSpeed substat increased
ProtectionResistance substat increased
PrecisionAccuracy substat increased

Forging Artifacts

Forging Artifacts

You can use the Forge building to forge rare Artifacts for your Champions. There are 12 different Sets that can be forged. Each different Set requires different materials to be used in the forging process. You can also select the rank you want to forge. Higher rank Artifacts cost more materials to forge. Additionally, you can make use of 4 different types of Charms to increase the odds that a specific Artifact will be forged. A full list of the Charm types can be seen below:

Rank Charm2x chance of highest rank
Rarity charm2x chance of higher rarities
Type Charm2x chance of desired Artifact type
Substat Charm50% chance of getting desired substat

Raid Shadow Legends Accessories Guide

Accessory Types

Raid Shadow Legends Types of Accessories

There are 3 different types of Raid Shadow Legends Accessory. These are Rings, Amulets and Banners. Like Artifacts, they can be upgraded all the way to level 16. However, unlike Artifacts, your Champion must be Ascended to wear them. Raid Shadow Legends Accessories do not have Set bonuses. The Ascension requirements for each Accessory type can be seen below:

Accessory TypeAccession Requirement
RingsNot required
Amulets5 Stars
Artifacts6 Stars

In addition to this, the Accessory must also be from the same faction as your Champion to be worn.


Accessory Stats

Like Artifacts, Raid Shadow Legends Accessories also have a Primary Stat and Substats. The Accessory type also determines what these Primary Stats and Substats can. All possibilities for each Accessory can be seen below:

AccessoryPrimary StatSubstat
RingHP, Attack or DefenseHP, Attack, Defense, HP %, Attack % or Defense %
AmuletHP, Attack, Defense or Critical Damage %HP, Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Resistance or Critical Damage %
BannerHP, Attack, Defense, Resistance or AccuracyHP, Attack, Defense, HP %, Attack %, Defense % or Speed

Raid Shadow Legends Special Accessories

There are certain rare Special Accessories which have additional powerful effects. There are no Set requirements for these unlike with Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts. However, the Accessory must still match the Faction of the Champion. Additionally, the Special Effects stack if you equip further Accessories with the same effect. A full list of these Special Accessories and their effect can be seen below:

Special AccessoryEffect
Cleansing8% chance to remove 1 random debuff from the wearer each turn
Refresh5% chance to prevent a skill going on cooldown after use
BloodshieldWarer gains shield worth 5% of damage dealt after attacking or 1.5% for AoE attacks
Reaction25% chance to change critical hits into normal hits when the wearer is attacked before their first turn
Revenge5% chance to couterattack when hit

Accessory Locations

Accessorry Tag Arena Shop
NormalSpider’s Den Dungeon
CleansingTag Team Arena Bazaar
RefreshTag Team Arena Bazaar
BloodshieldCvC Tournament Reward
ReactionCvC Tournament Reward
RevengeClan Shop

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