Dislyte Best Support Espers Tier List

Support Espers are the backbone of your team and are responsible for helping out in a variety of ways such as Healing, Shields, damage buffing, enemy defense debuffing, and much much more! Although typically not big damage dealers, without Supports in your team, you won’t get very far. In this Dislyte Tier List of the Best Support Espers, we rank them all from best to worst to help you choose which ones to work on.

What is a Support Esper?

Xuan Pin Support Esper

In Dislyte, Espers are split up into four different roles: Fighters, Defenders, Controllers, and Supports. Each of these fulfills its own unique role in your team and you’ll need a balanced mix of them depending on the challenge you are going up against. Supports fulfill perhaps the most varied role and are often a jack of all trades.

Indeed, in this role, you will find Healers, enemy debuffers, team buffers, AP pushers, debuff strippers, and a helluva lot more. However, those that are often seen as the most useful are those that can manipulate AP, to speed up their team, AoE buffs, or those that can get out a serious amount of healing or protection buffs in order to keep their team alive in tough battles.

How to Build Supports

Ethan Dislyte Support Esper

The Equipment you choose for an Esper will always really depend on what exactly their kit does. For example for Ahmed, one of the Best Healers, it can be useful to give him Wind so he can get his heals out more often and Avatara so that he can counter and heal allies at the same time.

Likewise for a buffing Support Esper like Ethan, it can also be useful to add Wind to see them use their buffing abilities more often and also something like Grove or Stonevein to improve their durability. Don’t fret if this is starting to seem a little confusing, simply follow the Esper links in the Tier List of the Best Supports in Dislyte below for full build and kit guides on each one.

Support Tier List

Dislyte Best Support Espers Tier List

Below you can find our full Dislyte Tier List of the Best Support Espers. There are 6 Ranks in this Tier list – SSS, S, A, B, C, and F. Rank SSS shows the Best Dislyte Support Espers and Rank F shows the worst.

As is natural, you may not agree with all the rankings and it is important to play with those Support Espers that you personally like best! Indeed, this list is based on performance across all game modes and there are certain Espers who are specialists in a certain game mode and therefore may still rank quite low here.

Rank SSS

Rank S

Rank A

Rank B

Rank C

Rank F

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that you should not be disheartened if you do not have the Best Support Espers on this list yet. Indeed, many of these options are very viable and can be extremely effective when built well. In addition, even if you have them but you like to use someone else, then you should! After all, this is a game that should be fun!

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