How To Destroy the Sentry Gun in CoD Mobile

Call of Duty has always surprised and impressed its fan base with new exciting killstreaks every Call Of Duty. From Stealth Bombers, Attacks Dogs, and AC-130s, all the way down to Counter UAVs & UAVs; the Call Of Duty Franchise has always kept fans guessing as to what might come next. Enter the Sentry Gun found in CoD Mobile.

Within the CoD Mobile world, things can be a tad more challenging in comparison to playing the game on a 40″+ TV. Indeed, tasks such as moving around, throwing grenades accurately, and aiming a weapon while moving have proven to be a continuous struggle for CoD Mobile players. However, the introduction of Mobile Phone Controllers for CoD Mobile has made things significantly easier.

With this in mind, it can be difficult for players to destroy the Sentry Gun killstreak rewards in Cod Mobile. Keep reading this CoD Mobile Sentry Gun guide for all you need to know about taking down this killstreak reward.

CoD Mobile Sentry Gun

CoD Mobile Sentry Gun

The Sentry Gun is a stationary, automatic-motion detected machine gun that is a killstreak reward in CoD Mobile and a number of other Call of Duty Games. By killing a certain number of enemies in a row, without dying yourself, you are able to use this item if you have selected it in your loadout.

The Sentry Gun has long been a popular choice to equip in the series and was first introduced to Call of Duty with the release of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Once you have deployed it, it will sit in place and automatically attack any enemies that come into its line of sight.

How to Destroy the Sentry Gun in CoD Mobile

Unlike airstrikes, mortars, and missiles, sentry guns are vulnerable to being destroyed considering they are stationary and are ground based. This leaves a few options on how to destroy an enemy sentry gun:

  • Shoot it: Simply aiming your gun at the top half of the gun should be able to do the trick. Keep in mind to avoid the barrel of the sentry, and to make sure that your gun is powerful enough to do the job. 
  • Knife it: CoD Mobile is a little ‘iffy’ on knifing distance and its range of reach. If a player chooses to knife the sentry gun, they must make sure they are aiming at the upper half of the gun and while knowing they are in range for their knife to reach. 
  • EMP Grenade: EMP grenade is the most effective choice, and less risky for the player. An EMP grenade is an electrical pulse grenade that when detonated, will deactivate all electronic gadgets in its range including sentry guns. Players need to make sure they are a couple of feet away from the sentry gun before throwing the grenade.

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