CoD Mobile: How To Unlock Diamond Skins

Diamond skins for weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile are the top level of camo any player can achieve for their weapons. Diamond camo can only be unlocked by simply being good. There are no shortcuts to getting these skins for example by buying them or acquiring them in a battle pass. In this guide, we will let you know exactly how to go bout unlocking the CoD Mobile Diamond Skins.

What are Diamond Skins in CoD Mobile?

CoD Mobile Diamond Skin Camo

As mentioned above, Diamond Skins are currently the best camo options that you can unlock for your weapons. They are highly popular with players as a flex to show how skilled they are at the game and also due to their striking look during gameplay.

How to Unlock Diamond Skins in CoD Mobile

Unlocking diamond camos is done on a per weapon basis, with each weapon having separate kill requirements. Therefore, a player cannot unlock a diamond skin for one pistol and then expect to have the diamond skin for all pistols. They need to complete each contract for each individual weapon.

The requirements for each weapon depends on its weapon class. The requirements for each of these are outlined in the list below:

  • Assault Rifles: 10 kills per match 150 times for each separate rifle.
  • Shotguns: 10 kills per match 120 times for each separate shotgun.
  • Pistols: 10 kills per match 80 times for each separate pistol (including Crossbow).
  • Melee: 500 kills total (no matter how many matches).
  • Rocket Launchers: 100 UAV destroyed in total per launcher.
  • Sniper Rifles: 10 kills per match 120 times for each separate sniper rifle.
  • Light Machine Guns (LMGs): 10 kills per match 120 times for each separate LMG.
  • Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs): 10 kills per match 120 times for each separate SMG.

Tips for Unlocking Diamond Skins in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Gameplay

The grind to unlock the diamond skin is not a quick one. However, there are methods to speed up this process. One way is to focus on playing game modes that can last for a longer time period than others. Team Deathmatch is probably one of the quickest matches, which may not be the best option for someone trying to grind toward a diamond camo for their favorite weapon.

Players should be aiming towards matches that enable them to be judged on their individual success, and not based on a team effort. Matches such as Hardpoint, and Free-For-All will allow players to be rated on their personal success due to these game modes offering longer duration matches and being the only soldier for themself.

Another tip on how to expedite diamond camo grind in CoD Mobile is to only use one weapon at a time. Players should evaluate their preferences/choices before committing to a weapon because it takes a lengthy amount of time. Progress will be much slower if a player continuously rotates between several weapons every match.

With commitment and consistency with a specific weapon, players can quickly go through the ranks and improve. In addition, buying one of the Best Mobile Controllers to use with CoD Mobile can really help you. Don’t waste any more time and go get the coolest skin in Call Of Duty history!

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